Mr. McLin-The Curse of Macbeth

What play of Shakespeare carried a supposed curse ? Macbeth
The substitute names used for Macbeth “The Scottish Play” or “That play”
What is special about the day of Shakespeare’s death? He died on the same date of birthday
The location where Shakespeare’s company occupied normally for performances? The Globe
How long was the theatrical history of Macbeth? 400 years
Who was the sponsor of the Macbeth play? King James I
What play did Shakespeare write as well as act in? Macbeth
What was the origin of the curse of Macbeth? The witch’s authentic spells in the first act.
How many patrons can attend the Globe Theater? 3,000
Where was the first performance of Macbeth held? In London at the Hampton Court Palace
What is the height of the Globe Theater? a three -story structure
What role did Shakespeare stand-in for during a tragic episode of the curse? Lady Macbeth
The high register of their young voice , was one reason for .. young boys playing female roles in the performed plays.
Who first sponsored Shakespeare’s plays? Queen Elizabeth
There patrons who poor and nick named … groundlings
Where did the wealthy patrons sit during the Shakespeare performances? In covered galleries
Who fell off the stage during a cursed performance of Macbeth? Lady Macbeth
What was the third substitute of the Macbeth play? The Glamis Comedy
What is the last step to complete after receiving the curse? ask for permission to return
What is the first step after receiving the Macbeth curse? being told to leave
What is the second step to complete after the curse? spin around three (3) times

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