Merchant of Venice Test Review

Why does Bassanio need to borrow money from Antonio? To court Portia, a rich heiress.
What do the three caskets contain that Portia’s suitors must choose between before they can marry her? Gold, silver, and lead
When Antonio borrows the money on behalf of Bassanio from Shylock, what are the moneylender’s terms? No interest, but a pound of Antonio’s flesh if the payment is late.
Shylock dislikes Antonio intensely because Antonio Publicly condemns Shylock for charging excessive interest.
Bassanio chooses the lead casket, which contains A portrait of Portia.
Why does Antonio believe he will have to forfeit on the loan? His ships have been lost at sea.
What does Portia (disguised as a lawyer) say that Shylock must not do when he cuts off a pound of Antonio’s flesh? Spill a drop of his blood.
What does Portia (disguised as a lawyer) want as a “remembrance” for her legal services? A ring.
Who eventually leaves Shylock? Launcelot, Gobbo and Jessica.
What does Shylock bring with him to the courtroom? A knife and scales.
Which of the female characters disguise themselves as boys during the course of the play? Portia and Jessica.
Which of the following characters does not get married at the end of the play? Antonio.
Who says the following: “By yonder moon, I swear you do me wrong.” Gratiano.
Who says the following: “Hath not a Jew eyes?” Shylock.
Who says the following: “. . . mercy is [like] the gentle rain from heaven . . . It blesseth him that gives and him that takes.” Portia.
“It’s a wise father who knows his own child” is said by Launcelot.
The young Venetians like to compare themselves to Merchant ships.
The episode of the rings might be said to show that Bassanio does not take his marriage seriously.
In joking about her German suitor, Portia suggests Placing a bottle of wine on the wrong casket.
Hanging and waiving are said to be alike because Wise men avoid both.
“The shadowed livery of the burnished sun” refers to The prince of morocco’s complexion
The casket piled by the prince of Aragon is the wrong one because Silver is less valuable that gold
The song “Tell me where is fancy bred” says that Love at first sight is the best kind of love
Shylock hates Antonio because (All) he’s Christian, deals in merchandise, has insulted him, and lends money without charging interest
The merchant of Venice love and money are In constant conflict
“The quality of mercy is not strained” means Mercy is given freely without constraint
“Love is blind” refers to The test of the three caskets
The lead casket is the right choice because To find true love you have to be willing to take great risks
Tubal added to Shylocks woes by telling him How Jessica squandered his money
One sign of Gratiano’s excessive wildness is his Hasty marriage to Nerissa
Nerissa says that it is easier to be happy if you are Rich
The reason that Portia’s father set up the test of the caskets is that He wanted his daughter to have a wise husband
Antonio pledges a pound of his own flesh because He is a good and generous friend
In the trial scene “I am content” is said by Shylock
Is Shylock justified in his hatred for Antonio ? Yes Shylock is justified in his hatred for Antonio. He wants blood shed from Antonio and wants to get his revenge on him. Shylock wants to do things out of hatred towards Antonio.
Explain the test of caskets The three caskets are gold, silver, and lead. They are each inscribed with a message on the outside. They each contained a scroll inside. Each of the caskets symbolize different things. This is a test based off of greed, since Portia is an heiress, many men might want to marry her because if her money. Portia’s father set this test up to protect her from these kinds of men. If a suitor chooses the right casket, he wins Portia’s hand in marriage. Those that don’t choose correctly have to leave immediately, never talk to Portia in terms of marriage, and never get married.
What superior power does mercy have over justice Mercy is forgiveness and kindness in a variety of ethical, religious, and social and legal context. Power is the ability to do or act in a certain way. Mercy is something that should happen, but power is what happens out of selfishness.
What are the hypocrisies of the Christian Society in the play? Discriminating Shylock. The Christians go against their own beliefs because they claim to love one another, but treat Shylock poorly and not as a human being.
Explain the significance of the trial scene. What are the comic interludes provided and how do they provide relief? The significance of this scene is that Shylock has suffered and wants to get even with Antonio. Shylock wanted the flesh from Antonio because he felt that that would be the exact justice for him after he had suffered a lot of insults from all of the Christians. A comic interlude would be that Shylock doesn’t get what he wanted out of his bond and will take everything he owns away if he sheds blood.
Antonio and Shylocks similarities and differences Differences: religion, personalities, Antonio is lovable and generous, and giving. Antonio puts others before himself. Shylock isn’t merciful.Similarities: they both have strong faith in their religion
Portia’s role She plays two different roles in the play. She first plays a daughter who is controlled by her father, she then plays a manipulative wife.
Dramatic irony Grasped by the audience and the characters don’t know

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