Merchant of Venice Act II vocab

Fiend Definition: Evil spirit or demon, Synonyms: Beast, SavageAntonyms: Angel, FriendPart of Speech: NounSentence: What fiend stole money from the charity.
Allay Definition: To lessen fear or doubtSynonyms: To ease, cool outAntonyms: To aggravate, to worsenPart of Speech: VerbSentence: The mayor tried to allay the fear that the town was broke.
Sober Definition: Quiet or sedate in manner; temperateSynonyms: Moderate, SeriousAntonyms: Excitable, Irrational Part of Speech: AdjSentence: Maureen gave very sober answers to his questions.
Demurely Definition: Shy, Modest; ReservedSynonyms:, Quietly, UnpretentiouslyAntonyms: Immodestly, PretentiouslyPart of Speech: AdvSentence: Her hands shook as she demurely accepted the award.
Entreat Definition: To earnestly ask for; beg or imploreSynonyms: To conjure, To requestAntonyms: To answer, To please Part of Speech: VerbSentence: The man refused to act no matter how much we entreat him.
Tediousness Definition: Long and tiresomeSynonyms: Boredom, Monotony, Antonyms: Excitement, Liveliness Part of Speech: NounSentence: The tediousness of shopping for gifts made him tired.
Pagan Definition: Irreligious or Hedonistic personSynonyms: Atheistic, ProfaneAntonyms: Religious, Believing Part of Speech: AdjSentence: The man preferred a more pagan ceremony.
Heinous Definition: Totally reprehensible; Hateful; OdiousSynonyms: Hateful, ExecrableAntonyms: Friendly, Lovely Part of Speech: AdjSentence: The company was accused of heinous crimes against nature.
Strife Definition: Bitter conflict; Struggle or ClashSynonyms: Disagreement, ConflictAntonyms: Agreement, Harmony Part of Speech: NounSentence: When the money ran out, there was much strife in his life.
Masque Definition: Masked ball; aristocratic entertainmentSynonyms: Ball costume, MasqueradeAntonyms: 0Part of Speech: NounSentence: The masque happened inside the new church.
Peruse Definition: Read through thoroughlySynonyms: To analyze, To scrutinizeAntonyms: To neglect, To overlook Part of Speech: VerbSentence: He began to peruse all the shirts in the store.
Loath Definition:Reluctant; DisinclinedSynonyms: Hesitant, UnwillingAntonyms: Eager, WillingPart of Speech: AdjSentence: The woman was loath to accept the gift from him.
Foppery Definition:Excessively vain in clothing, manners, actionsSynonyms: Extravagance, GatheringAntonyms: plainness, Part of Speech: nounSentence: The student’s excessive foppery on campus made him look foolish.
Wont Definition:Accustomed; Custom; HabitSynonyms: Used to, Routine Antonyms: 0Part of Speech: AdjSentence: He did not wont for anything.
Glisters Definition: Glitters; BrillianceSynonyms: Glamour, RadianceAntonyms: Darkness, Dullness Part of Speech: NounSentence: All that glisters is not gold.

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