Merchant of Venice Act II Study Guide

What are the prominent personality qualities of Morocco? Confident, Daring, proud
What happens to suitors who choose the wrong casket? Leave immediately, Never reveal your choice, must promise not to marry
What is lancelot pondering? What is his decision? Leaving or staying with his master and he decides to work for Bassanio
How does Lancelot treat his father? Horribly
why is Bassanio hiring? to add servants to impress portia
What does Lancelot say about Fortune? where else does this issue come up in the play? Fortune is fickle; unpredictableMorocco hoped for good fortune
Where is Bassanio going? Why? Belmont, to take on the lottery
Why does Bassanio don’t want to take Gratiano Because he’s afraid the Gratiano will embarrass him
What does Jessica ask Lancelot to do? To give a love letter to Lorenzo
What is Jessica’s plan? To disguise herself as a boy and sneak out of the house with her lover
How is Jessica’s Situation similar to Lancelot’s? They both don’t want to be commanded under a jew
What are the plans of Lorenzo and his friends To get ready To get Jessica out of that house
What does Jessica say in her letter? that she wants to be saved
What message is Lancelot bringing to Shylock? an invitation to suffer through Bassanio’s masque
How does Shylock feel about the invitation to the masque? He doesn’t know if he should go or not
How does Shylock feel about Lancelot working for Bassanio? He feels that Lancelot will never have it better than when he worked for them.
What are lorenzo and gratiano suggests about their love comments? Disguises as a boy and set sail with bassanio, she brings her stolen jewels
What casket does Morocco chooses? Why does he decide it is the correct one? The gold, chooses it because gold was more valuable then all the others
What do we learn from Salerio and Salarino about shylock’s response to Jessica’s flight? railed against the loss of his daughter and his ducats, and he shouted a loud, urgent appeal for justice and the law to prevail.
How do Salerio and Salarino feel about Shylock? Do they seem to share the same feelings? They make fun of shylock but worry about Antonio and his ships cause Antonio will pay badly
What casket does Arragon choose? Why does he decide it is the correct one? The silver cause he believes that he deserves her cause he was too arrogant
What message does the second casket contain?
What information does the messenger bring? What is Portia’s response to the news?
What are lorenzo and gratiano suggests about their love comments?
What was Antonio’s reaction to Bassanio’s departure? Antonio was a little sad that he was leaving and Bassanio told him it’s going to be all right

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