Merchant of Venice: Act II

How does the scene between Portia and the Prince of Morocco further Portia’s characterization? Portia does not care about the Prince of Morocco’s appearance. Portia mentions that she does not have much option when choosing a husband, anyhow.
Why do you suppose Shakespeare split the “episode” of the Prince of Morocco’s choice into two scenes? Anticipation
What is the function of Launcelot Gobbo in Scene ii? Comic relief: Explains why he wants to leave Shylock.
What new element is added to the play in Scene iii? What is Launcelot’s function in this subplot? We (the audience) are informed Skylock’s daughter, Jessica, plans to escape with Lorenzo (Lorenzo: Antonio and Bassanio’s friend). Lancelot’s function is to let us know Jessica wants to leave.
How does Jessica’s letter to Lorenzo in Scene iv further the plot? Lorenzo confirms he will help Jessica escape.
What happens after Shylock leaves his keys with his daughter, Jessica? She escapes and steals all of her father’s jewels and a portion of his money. She runs away with Lorenzo.
What does Shylock’s attitude about music reveal about him? He cannot find joy/ happiness in anything (except for money)
Why is Shylock happy to see Launcelot leave his household to go to work for Bassanio? He eats too much, he’s slow, and he sleeps all day. He says Bassanio can waste the money he doesn’t have on a lazy servant.
As scene vi closes, why does Antonio announce that there will be no masque that night? The wind is blowing and Bassanio wants to set sail to Belmont.
What is the dramatic function of scene vii? At the beginning, the audience is not aware of what is going to happen when the prince chooses a casket.
Why does the Prince of Morocco choose the gold casket over the others? What is the lesson the prince discovers inside of the gold box? He chooses this casket because it is the most beautiful. This casket reminds him of Portia in the manner he knows her: for her beauty. He learns: all that glitters is not gold. Beauty should not be the greatest concern when choosing a wife/ husband.
What is the dramatic purpose of the conversation between Salerio and Solanio viii? To fill the audience in on what is happening with Bassanio and Antonio. Fosters suspense.
How is the Prince of Aragon portrayed? The prince is foolish, self-centered, picky, and analytical. He chooses silver box because it is “what you deserve.” This prince believes he deserves Portia because he was born into wealth.
What does the servant’s announcement of the next suitor at the end of this act lead the audience to expect? The next suitor will be Bassanio.

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