Merchant of Venice Act I

What important background information is established in the first scene? Antonio is very depressed. Bassanio asked him for money!
Antonio, the merchant of the title is sad but tells us he does not know why. Whattwo reasons do his friends offer for Antonio’ s sadness, and what is his response? He was falling in love; he was worried about his ships. He denies this.
Upon the entrance of Bassanio and his companions, the friendship motif israised in a backhanded fashion by Solanio and Salerio. What is the point of theircomments? Bassanio and Antonio are both merchants.
A major theme, the relationship between money and love, is first raised byBassanio in the line which begins, “I owe the most, in money and in love…”What is Bassanio’s point in this comment? He is trying to butter him up so he could get some money.
What is Bassanio’s plan for getting money to pay off his debts? What isAntonio’s response? To marry Portia, “Anything for you my friend”
Accoring to Nerissa, where does happiness lie? In between
What is the meaning of Portia’s comment about the brain devising laws for theblood? The brain is the Father and the blood is the daughter, you can’t disobey your parents.
8. Why does Shakespeare use the word “choose” so often in this scene? Portia doesn’t have a choice.
Why do Portia and Nerissa “review” the suitors who have come to court Portia? To show she didn’t like any of them.
Why does Shylock refuse to have dinner with Antonio and Bassanio? He knows that they would make fun of him because he can’t eat pork.
In the aside that follows, what do we learn about Shylock’s real feelings towardAntonio? For what three reasons does he feel this way? He hates him because he is a Christian, he doesn’t use interest, and he makes fun of him in public.
When Shylock makes the following comments, what is his meaning?”if I can catch him once upon the hip,I will feed fat the ancient grudge I bear him.” He wants revenge on him
What is Antonio’s meaning in the following passage?”Shylock, albeit I neither lend nor borrowBy taking nor giving of excess…” Antonio doesn’t lend or borrow.
How does Antonio feel toward Shylock? Defend your answer. He hates him, because he is Jewish.
What bond does Shylock propose to Antonio’s request? What is Antonio’s reaction? What is Bassanio’s reaction? A pound of Antonio’s flesh Antonio agrees, and Bassanio wouldn’t let him.

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