Merchant of Venice (act 3, scene 1)

‘I would it might prove the end of his loses’ – Salarino this ship is the last thing Antonio loses, doesn’t want him to lose flesh or life
‘my own flesh and blood to rebel!’ – Shylock about Jessica, theme of betrayal
‘more difference between thy flesh and hers than between jet and ivory’ – Salarino Jewish = dark, connotations with devil, Christian = white, pure, connotations with angel. Jessica seen as righteous and pure even though she just stole, co-ordinates with juxtaposition of Jessica e.g. ‘beautiful pagan’
‘let him look to his bond’ – Shylock repeated three times, he will carry out revenge, shows he didn’t pluck the idea out of nowhere he chose this bond with intention to stick to it. foreshadows courtroom scene where he wont give mercy, the specific bond is the reason he wont back down
‘laughed at my loses, mocked at my gains’ – Shylock he can’t win, whatever happens he’s abused by Antonio
‘scorned my nation’ – Shylock not just him being target but his whole religion, shows anti-semitism, nation = nationality (Jewish is a nationality)
‘what should his sufferance be by Christian example?’ – Shylock this justifies his actions, as he’s acting on what he’s been taught by them, Christians exact revenge when they are wronged so why shouldn’t a Jew do the same?
‘the villainy you teach me I will execute’ – Shylock semantic duality of execute; to kill (Antonio will die) & to put a plan into effect (treat Antonio like he’s treated Shylock)
‘it shall go hard but I will better the instruction’ – Shylock chance for revenge, he will hurt them more then they hate him , play them at their own game, reader realises all the hatred Shylock has
‘if you prick us do we not bleed’ – Shylock he’s only human like everyone else, so why is he prejudiced against

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