Merchant of Venice

Portia’s villa is located in this Italian city. Belmont
Shakespeare’s place of birth. Stratford upon Avon
The Duke reminds this punish,net of the court but only on the condition that Shylock agree to Antonio’s demands. Death
According to Salerio, Antonio is sad to think upon his _____________ , a theory that Antonio rejects, because, being an astute businessman, he is not so foolish as to place all his fortunes on a single venture. Merchandise
This literary device occurs when a character says something, the full significance of which is understood only by the audience and not by the speaker Dramatic Irony
Shylock compares Portia (Balthazar) to this Old Testament judge Daniel
“Who chooseth me shall get as much as he ____________.” Deserves
This is the Duke of Arragon’s most defining character trait Arrogance
The number of marriages that occur during the play Three
A poetic word meaning “soon” or “shortly” Anon
A Latin word meaning “therefore” Ergo
Portia accepts these as gifts for saving Antonio’s life Gloves
Who “speaks an infinite deal of nothing”? Gratiano
“By my troth, Nerissa, my little body is a weary of this great ________.” (Portia) World
The Roman God of Love Cupid
“I hate him for he is a _____________” (Shylock) Christian
This is the inner voice that tells Launcelot to leave Shylock’s employment Conscience
A loose fitting, wide-sleeved Jewish outer garment or cloak Gaberdine
Launcelot uses these to represent his ribs when confusing his blind father Fingers
Jessica traded Shylock’s ring for this exotic pet Monkey
He presides over the Venetian court Duke
The Prince of Morocco is inspired to choose the gold casket when he sees the celestial figure inscribed upon a gold coin. Angel
“If I catch him once upon the _____ , /I will feed fat the ancient grudge I bear him.” (Shylock) Hip
Roman Goddess of Purity Diana
A poetic word meaning “before” Ere
Shakespeare wrote 154 of these poems, characterized by fourteen lines and a rhyme Sonnets
Shylock’s ring that Jessica traded away was set with this kind of stone Turquoise
Jessica disguised herself as Lorenzo’s page and acted as his ________-________________ Torch-bearers
Shakespeare wrote this many plays 37
If a suitor fails the challenge he must forgo ________________ Marriage
This speech, spoken in the presence of others, is intended only for the audience. Aside
“Oh what a goodly outside _________-__________ hath!” (Antonio) False-hood
The length of time of the bond Three months
The price of this meat (according to Launcelot) will soar if too many Jews convert to Christianity Pork
Jews were compelled by law to live in this segregated area Ghetto
Shakespeare switches from verse to this more usual form of expression when characters are intoxicated, mad, or foreign madness; when characters of peasant stalk are speaking; or when characters of more noble birth or social standing engage in ordinary, familiar or intimate conversation. Letters are also always written in this form since the use of verse in such cases would be inappropriate Prose
In classic drama, these plays have a happy ending, the protagonist accomplishing the purpose that he set out to achieve Comedy
The Merchants of Venice was written between 1596 and 1598, during the reign of this English monarch Elizabeth I
Portia’s rejection of the Prince of Morocco based on his skin color shows that she has this Prejudice
Shylock is sharpening this during the court scene A knife
This speech is delivered by a character when he is alone on stage Soliloquy
Jessica and Lorenzo elope to this Italian City Genoa
This suitor didn’t know how to speak Italian and she didn’t know how to speak English Falcon Bridge
According to Portia, this “becomes/ The thrones monarch better than his crown” Mercy
Launcelot Gobbo’s mothers name Margery
This suitor said “God made him, therefore let him pass Pass for a man” Monsieu Le Ben
The Prince of Morocco found the scroll and a ____________ inside the gold chest Skull
Shakespeare plays are written in Iambic Pentameter
Shylock’s failure to mention this in the bond ultimately led to his undoing Blood
The humorous confusion of two words that sound alike Malapropism
These words were on the ring Nerissa gave to Gratiano Love me and leave me not
A Jewish place of worship A synagogue
The amount of the bond Three-thousand ducats
Launcelot’s father Old Gobbo
These were given to Bassanio by Old Gobbo as persuasion to hire Launcelot Deves
“___________ is blind” (Jessica) Love
Launcelot Gobbo is this Comic Relief
This type of sentence structure expresses equal ideas using exactly the same grammatical constructions Parallelism
Tell me where is fancy _________?Or in the heart or in the head?How begot, how noursh├Ęd? Bred
Why does Shylock refuse the money and demand his bond Revenge
Bassanio chooses the lead casket because of this quality that makes it superior to either gold or silver Weight
Shylock’s wife Leah
“There is no vice so simple but assumes some mark of ___________ on his outward parts” (Bassanio) Virtue
Antonio compare the world to this A stage
“The devil can cite _________________ for his purposes” (Antonio) Scripture
Portia’s cousin who she writes to before the trial Bellario
This suitor talked only of his horse Neapolitan Prince
Friend of Salanio Salerio
How many of Antonio’s ships survive in the end Three
Shylock’s “friend” who gets him all whipped up and pissy Tubal
This is the name of the German suitor Duke of Saxony
Jessica and Lorenzo escape on this traditional Venetian vessel Gondola
The most famous bridge in Venice Rialto
The way the were going to measure the weight of Antonio’s flesh Scales
Bassanio doesn’t choose gold because remembers the tale of this monarch Midas
This word means “merchant ship” Argosy
What does Balthazar (Portia) ask for from Bassanio? Ring that Portia gave Bassanio
Portia’s maid Nerissa
A play on words Pun
Portia and Nerrisa’s cover story for when they go to Venice Monastery
Five of these letters are either written or received throughout the play Letters
He is the Merchant of Venice Antonio
Portia’s fake name Balthazar

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