Main characters of Hamlet

The Ghost(King hamlet) Prince hamlet’s father, previous king of denmark, and husband to queen Gertrude
Hamlet Prince of Denmark, son of queen Gertrude and king hamlet.
Ophelia Prince hamlet’s love interest (sometimes), sister of laertes, and daughter of polonius
Queen Gertrude The queen of denmark, who married to king claudius after king hamlet died. Wife of king hamlet then king claudius.
King Claudius Brother of the pervious king, king hamlet, uncle and stepfather to prince hamlet
Laertes Ophelia’s brother
Polonius Father of ophelia and laertes, councilor of both king claudius and king hamlet
Horatio Prince hamlet’s friend whom he trusts a lot
Rosencrantz Childhood friend of prince hamlet along with his companion guildenstern
Guildenstern Childhood friend of Prince hamlet along with his companion, Rosencrantz

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