Macbeth wrap-up

what are 3 main themes the effect of moral confusionpower corrupts/ absoloute power corrupts absolutelythe effects of light and darkness on human actions
the effects of moral confusion going against what you stand for, not understanding right from wrong
power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutly power is addicting and can corrupt. power and corruption go hand in hand
the effects of light and darkness on human actions when there is light, good things happenwhen there is dark, bad things happen
what is the opposite of moral clarity (2) spiritualitytranscendant
simile comparason with like or as
personification giving inhuman obj human features
paradox an apparent contradiction
metaphor comparason with out like or as
symbolism thing person idea that stands for more than itself
hyperbole a metaphor using exadutated language
hecate the queen witch
macbeth thane of cador
lady macbeth manipulative
siward commander of england
macduff wife and family slaughtered
banquo son was fleance
malcom in line for king, becomes king
lady macduff thought husband was a coward
donaldbain brother of malcon
king edward king of england

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