Macbeth words

censure harsh criticism or disapproval
surmise to think or infer without strong evidence
Synonym for censure rubuke, condemnation
antonyms for censure compliment, sanction
synonyms for surmise hunch, notion, supposition
antonyms for surmise certainty, fact
Jocund cheeful, merry, glade
synonyms for jocund blithe, jocose
antonyms for jocund dolorus, sad
Assailable Easy to attack, conquerable, exposed
synonyms for assailable runerable, defensless
antonyms for assailable unassailable, secure
benediction an utterance of good wishes
synonyms for benediction blessing
antonyms for benediction condemantion
virtue Moral excellence, goodness, rightousness
synonyms for virtue incorruptibility, rectitude
antonyms for virtue immorality, dishonor
Largesse generosity, charitableness
synonyms for largesse benevolence, magnanimity
antonyms for largesse stinginess
verity the state or quality of being true, accordance with reality
verity synonym accuracy, veracity
verity antonyms falseness, fallacy
cloistered isolated, relcusive
cloistered synonyms sequestered, insulated
cloistered antonyms unsecluded, social
malevolent wishing evil of harm to another of others; showing ill will
malevolent synonyms malicious, pernicious; wicked
malevolent antonyms benevolent, pleasant, amiable
userp to sieze and hold (a position, office, power, etc.) by force or without legal right.
userp synonym sieze, commander
redress righting wrongs; relief from wrong or injury
redress synonyms amend
redress antonyms hurt, hinder
incense to make angry or provoke
incense synonyms antagonize; aggravate; infuriate
incense antonyms cheer up, comfort
computious apologize; penitent
computious synonyms repentant, cintrite
blaspheme to speak disrespectfully of (God or sacred things)to speak evil of, slander; abuse
Blaspheme synonyms heresy, sacrliege
Blaspheme antonyms piety, godliness

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