Macbeth Webquest/True History

For whom was the play written? Why did Shakespeare put witches in the play? James Ihe was particularly superstitious about witches which helped Macbeth appeal to him
Why specifically is there a curse on the play? theorized that Shakespeare included black magic spells in the weird sisters
explain in detail. What is the curse? those who appear in the play or mention its name within the theater risk having black magic brought over them; death.
What tragedy happened opening night in 1606? The boy actor playing lady macbeth died back stage.
Give at least 3 rituals that reverse the curse. -spin around 3 times and curse-run around the theater-leave and be invited back in
how is the curse associated with abraham lincoln? it was macbeth that lincoln chose to take with him on board the river queen on the potomac river on April 9, 1865 and read it aloud to his friends
What are the lines from Hamlet which supposedly reverse the curse? “angels and ministers of grace defend us/ be thou a spirit of health or goblin damn’d/ being with thee airs from heaven or blasts from hell/ be thy intents wicked or charitable/ thou comest in such a questionable shape that i will speak to thee”
Give 5 other titles of the play that should be used when referring to Macbeth. -the scottish play-the scottish tragedy-the scottish business-the comedy of glamis-the unmentionable-that play
What happened to Laurence Olivier? stage weight crashed down narrowly missing him
What happened to Charlton Heston? fire blew into audience and burned his legs and groin
What happened to Orsen Wells? produced voodoo macbeth with witch doctors
What problems did a few psychics encounter when recently trying to remove the curse? -only a few witches showed up to try to reverse the curse
When was Macbeth born? 1005
How did Macbeth get the throne? he killed the ruling King (Duncan I) in battle
during this time, scotland was actually being invaded by ______ but Shakespeare changed it to _______ 1. the Danes2. the Norwegians
what strengthened his claim to the throne? -his marriage to Kenneth III’s granddaughter Gruoch
who did he kill at Dunkeld? Duncan I’s father (Crinan)
how long did he rule equably, imposing law and order, and encouraging Christianity? 14 years
when and did he travel to Rome with Gruoch? 1050a papal jubilee
what happened in 1054 -he was challenged by sir edward (Earl of Northumbria) who was attempting to return Duncan’s son (Malcolm Canmore) to the throne
When and by who was he killed? August 1057Malcolm Canmore
Where did Shakespeare research Macbeth? Holinshed’s Chronicles –collected from the writings/ancestors of malcom (history is written by the winners)
Who was James I a descendant of? Duncan
Which other tyrannical king was assassinated? Duffekilled by Dunwald

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