Macbeth Vocabulary Words Acts 1-5

Perturb Disturb, bother
Taper Candle
Guise (disguise) Outward appearance
Fortify To strengthen pester: to annoy
Hew To cut down
Abhor Hate, detest; to reject something very strongly
Thrice 3 times
Conjure To summon up using supernatural power
Potent Powerful
Pernicious Destructive; hurtful
Laudable Praiseworthy
Redress Set right; correct
Hoodwink Trick; deceive
Avarice Greediness
Concord Harmony; peace; agreement
Integrity Honesty; possessing firm principles
Cide Kill
Naught Nothing
Jovial Jolly; cheerful
Muse To think about in silence
Mirth Laughter; joy
Ruby Red
Wayward Turned away (perverted) from what is expected; resistance to guidance or discipline
Posterity All succeeding generations (kids, grand kids, ect)
Verity A statement or belief acknowledged to be an established truth
Oracle (prophet) Something or someone believed to be a source of wisdom
Indissoluble Lasting or permanent
Dauntless Fearless
Grapple To grip and hold
Incense To make very angry
Jocund Jovial, cheerful
Cloister A place of religious seclusion; to seclude
Infirmity Weakness, feebleness
Homage Anything done to show honor or respect
Largess Large gift or donation
Cleave To stick to something; to be faithful to
Augment Increase, make longer
Repose Rest
Palpable Obviosious, easily observed; able to be touched
Knell Sound of a bell rung to announce a death or funeral
Lest For fear that
Lechery Excessive indulgence in sexual activity (sketch)
Sacrilegious Disrespect toward something sacred or holy
Alas Used to express sorrow; regret or grief
Wherefore Why
Sovereignty Supreme authority over all things
Apparition A ghostly figure
Surfeit To Overindulge
Appall To horrify, shock
Equivocate To be intentionally vague in a statement (for sake of deception)
Repast Eat
Hurly-burly Noisy disorder and confusion
Thane A member of an aristocratic class and holds land
Whence From what place
Valor Bravery
Minion Loyal servant
Prophetic Predicting future events as if by supernatural forces
Surmise Guess based on incomplete facts
Harbinger Sign of future events
Adage A saying that expresses a common observation; proverb
Venture Undertaking, scheme, or project
Rapt Absorbed, captivated, or enthralled with something
Plight Dilemma; troubles; predicament
Sooth Truth
Dismal Miserable, gloomy, depressing
Fantastical From the root work fantastic, meaning unbelievable or out-of-this world; often used in Shakespeare’s day to refer to something supernatural.

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