Macbeth vocabulary Unit 5 sentences

ague The doc diagnosed my brother’s illness as nothing more than ______.
arbitrate The MLB brought in a special lawyer to _____ A-Rod’s case.
colors The _____ of the US are red, white and blue.
dignity The marine had many _____ qualities.
divine We have a _____ God who loves us.
fain After the workout, I _____ some water to quench my thirst.
fret “Don’t _____ about the test,” said the teacher.
grove Near my house there is a _____ of trees.
harbinger The king’s dream was a ____ to the fall of his kingdom.
kinsmen The king told his ___ that he would return soon.
knoll The house sat on a small ____ on the side of town.
lily-livered Men in the middle east are very _____ when they hold their wives in front of them.
murky The pond water is very _____ in TN.
profess The man _____ to be a Christian while he spoke to his friends.
raze “Raze the town,” shouted the captain.
speculative The Braves ______ that the player would be worth all the money they are prepared to pay them.
strut Ben Dodds _____ up to the plate during his last game.
vulnerable The freshman was _____ because he is the only underclassman in his science class.

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