Macbeth Vocabulary List #2- Act II

husbandry management of domestic resources
summons a request, demand, call to duty, task, or performance
franchise to make or set free
palpable plainly visible; tangible
marshal to usher or lead
surfeit to eat or drink excessively
contend to struggle or oppose
clamor to make loud noises to drive, force, influence noisily
badge to furnish or mark
benison blessing, benediction
benison (sentence) The priest’s _____________________ was sincere as married the young couple.
badge (sentence) I considered my love for Victorian novels to be a/an _________________ of honor as I am an English teacher.
clamored (sentence) The crowd _____________________ for attention; they swore, shouted, and squealed.
husbandry (sentence) His careful ______________________ of personal accounts led to the family’s financial success, growth, and longevity.
summons (sentence) She received a/an ______________________ from the court in a plain, white envelope.
franchised (sentence) She ____________________ the caged animals as she believed all of God’s creatures should be free.
palpable (sentence) I felt a/an ______________________ sense of grief when my dog Ella died.
marshaled (sentence) Her glorious words ______________________ a group of people in initiating an era of transcendence, beauty, and wonder.
surfeit (sentence) She sat uncomfortably, ___________________ from too much wine and dinner.
contended (sentence) Sara scored well on the test although she ___________________ with the concepts.

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