Macbeth Vocabulary for Acts IV and V

Entrails n the intestines and other inside organs of an animal or person, when they are outside the bodySynonyms: insides bowels, guts,
Hemlock n a poisonous plant that has small white flowersHemlock is also a type of evergreen tree or its wood.
Blaspheming verb to use offensive words or make statements that show no respect for God or religion.Synonym: cuss, revile, swear, talk dirty.Amtonym: respect, godliness, piety, religious,
Gibbet n a wooden structure from which criminals were hanged, in the past, as a form of execution (= killing as a punishment)Synonym: hanging, noose, potence, ropeAmtonym: cover, praise, take away, unfasten.
sovereignty noun the power or authority to rule.Synonyms: dominance, jurisdiction, supremacyAntonyms: submission, captivity, enchainment, enslavement,
Pernicious adj having a very harmful effect or influenceSynonyms: damaging, dangerous, deadly, destructive, detrimental, devastating, harmful, lethalAntonyms: advantageous, assisting, beneficial, benevolent, good, harmless, healthy, helpful.
Diminutive adj SmallSynonyms: miniature, pint-sized, Lilliputian, bantam, buttonAntonyms: big, enormous, giant, huge, immense, important
Abide verb If you can’t abide someone or something, you dislike them very muchSynonyms: accept, stand for, tolerate, acknowledgeAntonyms: disallow, avoid, contradict, disagree
Laudable adj (of actions and behaviour) deserving praise, even if there is little or no successSynonyms: commendable, praiseworthyAntonyms: disrespect, unworthy
Perchance adv by chance; possibly Synonyms: by chance, conceivably, maybe, mayhap, perhaps, possibly
Sundry adj several and different types of; variousSynonyms: assorted, various, different, divers Antonyms: same, dissimilar, individual
Verity noun the quality of being true.a belief, idea, or principle that is generally accepted as being trueSynonyms: verisimilitude, accuracy, veracity Antonyms: falsehood , falseness
Malady noun a disease, or a problem in the way something worksSynonyms: cancer ache affliction, disability, disorderAntonyms:comfort, good health, health, relief, strength
perturbation (worry) or (change)Synonyms: anxiety, commotion, confusion, disorderAntonyms: calm, calmness, composure, method
Distempered noun a type of paint that is mixed with water and glue, used especially in the past for painting wallsSynonyms: affliction, ailment, disease, disorder, illness, infectionAntonyms: health
Purgative noun or adj (noun) a substance that makes you empty your bowels(adj) relating to or acting as a purgative:Synonyms: aperient, emetic, laxative, physic
Ague noun a fever in which your body shakes, especially one caused by malariaSynonyms: fever, malaria Antonyms: wellness
Treatise noun a formal piece of writing that deals with a particular subjectSynonyms: commentary, discourse, dissertation, essay, memoir, monograph, pamphlet, thesis
Avouches verb to make frank acknowledgment or affirmation of; declare or assert with positiveness.Synonyms: admit, affirm, announce, argue Antonyms: abandon, ask, condemn, deny
Antidote noun a chemical, esp. a drug, that acts against the bad effects of a poison to limit the harm it can doSynonyms: corrective, countermeasure, cure, remedy

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