Macbeth Vocabulary Act 4/5

brinded gray, tan, or tawny with darker streaks/spots
entrails inner parts of the body of a human/animal
hemlock poisonous plant of the same family as parsley
conjure compel (a spirit, devil, etc.) to appear/disappear by a set of words
confound confuse, mix up
farrow littler of pigs
gibbet upright post from which bodies of criminals were hung after execution
sear burn/char the face of
pernicious that will destroy/ruin; causing great harm/damage
prattle, prattler talk or tell freely and carelessly
laudable worthy of praise
dolor sorrow, grief
redress set right, repair
perchance perhaps
avaricious greatly desiring money or property
voluptuous, voluptuousness caring much for the pleasure of the senses
cistern artificial reservoir for storing water
continent showing restraint with regard to desires/passions
hoodwink to deceive/trick
interdiction prohibition based on authority
abjure swear to give up, renounce
assay examine by testing/trial
benediction the asking of God’s blessing
niggard stingy person/miser
doff take all, remove
whetstone stone for sharpening knives/tools
mortify, mortified wound the feelings of, make feel humbled/ashamed
distemper any sickness of the mind/body
upbraid find fault with, blame
epicure person who has a refined taste in eating/drinking, particular in choosing fine foods/wines
oblivious not mindful, forgetful
physic medicine, esp. laxative
pristine as it was in its earliest time/state
purgative medicine that causes emptying of the bowels
bane cause of death, ruin, harm
ague a malarial fever with chills/sweating
treatise a formal/systematic book or writing dealing with some subject
equivocation use of expressions w/ double meaning in order to mislead
tarry, tarrying delay leaving, remain, stay
clamorous loud, noisy
staff, staves a stick/pole/rod used as support, symbol of office, weapon
palter talk or act insincerely
bait anything, esp. food, used to attract fish/animals
knoll knell-sound of a bell wrung slowly after death
concord a harmonious state/congruity

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