Macbeth vocabulary act 1 scene 3-7

Swine Pig/ a person regarded by the speaker with contempt or disgust
Quoth Said but only used in first or third person
Aroint begone “aroint thee witch”
runnion perhaps a scabby or fat woman
Aleppo the largest city in syria
tiger the name of the ship that the sailor was on that made it hell for the sailor
sieve to filter and make finer
penthouse lid eye lid
dwindle diminish gradually in size, amount, or strength
bark ship
tempest a violent windy storm
thrice three times
withered old battered shrivelled
attire clothing
aught anything at all
hail a cry of greeting usually in respect
start get up set or scared
rapt completely facinated by what one is seeing
withal with all of it
prophetic accurately describing or predicting what will happen in the future
whither to what place or state
corporal a low ranking non-commission officer in the army
contend assert something in a position of an argument
herald in official messenger/ or a sign that something will happen
enkindle usually to set on fire but can also be arouse or inspire
trifle a thing of little value or importance
prologue an event or action that leads to another event or action/a short preliminary trial before a race to establish a leader
surmise a supposition that something may be true, even though there is no evidence to confirm it.
cleave split or severe
wrought beaten out
interim the intervening time/ meanwhile
liege “my lord” term of respect
recompense to pay something
malcolm son of kind prince of cumberland(soon to be king)
hither here
wanton unrestrained so happy tears coming like the kind after the battle
harbinger one who signals the approach of others
commendations praise
peerless no comparison
missives a letter especially a long or official one
nimbly in a quick and agile light movement/action
hie go quickly
chastise rebuke also inflict punishment on
fatal directed by fate; fatal to duncan
compunctuous remoresfull
gall bile ;the humor associated with envy and hatred
beguile decieve
dispatch management (with a secondary sense of putting to death.)
hauteboys powerful double reed instruments also called shawms designed for outdoor ceremonies
marlet house martin
buttress a project of stone or brick built against a wall
coign protruding/projecting corner
pendant hanging suspended
procreant producing offspring/ word cradle
herin in this matter, therefore, arising from this
hermit a person who is extremely religious and doesn’t involve themselves in worldly actions just prayer
coursed pursue
purveyor a servant who makes advance preparation for a noble master
trammel catch
surcease death/assassination
shoal a large number of fish swimming together
chalice a large cup or goblet used usually for drinking wine
borne past of bear/carried/did
cheribum baby angel
esteem respect and admiration for a person
prithee please
durst dared
wassail carousing/ a drink with a lot of alcahol
warder gaurdien
fume smoke vapour gas
limeback alembic; the upper part of the still which fume rises
quell murder
undaunted unafraid, not frightened
mettle spirit, mettal

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