Macbeth Vocabulary

hurly-burly Commotion, Uproar: “When the __________ done” (Witch) – When the war is over
Chaps Jaws, usage of chops: “Unseam’d him from the nave to the __________” (Sergeant) – split him open from his belly-button to his head
Aroint thee Begone, go away
Rump-fed Well-fed pampered
Ronyon A trash eater: “The rump-fed ________ cried” (Witch) – The pampered garbage eater screams
Thane Scottish nobleman- __________ of Glamis (Macbeth)-> _________ of Cawdor (Macbeth) (original was killed for bad actions)
Soliciting Inciting, persuading: “The supernatural __________ cannot be ill” (Macbeth) – This persuasion from another world cannot be bad
Harbinger Forerunner, one who goes before: “I’ll be myself ____________ and make joyful the hearing of my wife” (Macbeth)- I’ll go ahead of you and tell my wife who will be so happy
Incarnadine Make blood-red: “The Multitudinous seas in ___________ , making the green one red” (Macbeth) – The blood on my hand will make all green seas red
Prate Chatter, noise: “Thy very stones ___________ of my whereabouts” (Macbeth) – as I walk the noise of my feet on the rocks reveals where I am
Marshall’st Directs, leads: (Speaking to the dagger) “Though ______________ me the way that I was going” (Macbeth) – You tell me which way I am going
Weird Also spelled wayward, from Old English “Wyrd” meaning fate: “The ______ sisters, hand in hand, posters of the sea and land” (witches) – The Fates (Fates, furies, and muses of Greek Mythology) know of the fate
Physic Cures, having to do with physicians or doctors: “Throw ___ to the dogs, I’ll none of it” (Macbeth) – Throw away doctors and worrying about petty cures, I’m invincible” (I am in so deep that I am not concerned with any cures)
Play the Roman Fool Commit suicide the way romans did: “Why should I _______” (Macbeth) – Why should I kill myself?
Tied to a stake For sports, bears were tied to stakes and dogs were allowed to attack the trapped bear: “They have _____ __ __ _ ____; I cannot fly, but bear-like, I must fight the course” (Macbeth) – I cannot escape so I must fight
Knell Funeral Bell: “Hear it not, Duncan; For it is a ____ that summons thee to heaven or to hell” (Macbeth) – Don’t listen, Duncan, for the funeral bell summons you to your death
Missives Messengers: “Come ____ from the King” (Lady Macbeth) – messengers came from the King
An armed head First Apparition: Tells Macbeth to beware the Thane of Fife (Macduff)
Bloody child Second apparition: Tells Macbeth no man born of women can harm him
Child with a crown and a tree in its hand Third apparition: tells Macbeth that he will not be vanquished until Great Birnam Wood comes to dunsinane hill to come against him.

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