Macbeth vocabulary

heath wild, uncultivated, desolate area of land
plight an unfortunate, difficult, or precarious situation
disdain to scorn; to regard with contempt
minion follower; underling; servile dependent
vantage comprehensive view that gives strategic advantage
lavish marked by excess; unmerciful; towering
surmise conjecture; speculation; idea based on little evidence
cleave to adhere
recompense reward; payment
wanton hard to control; undisciplined; extravagant
harbinger person sent ahead to arrange proper lodging; forerunner
chastise to rebuke; inflict punishment on
impede to hinder; to interfere or slow the progress of
dire sinister; extreme; ominous
pall to cloak; to cover (pall=dark cloth put over a coffin)
beguile to trick; to lead by deception
mettle courage; spirit
palpable tangible; obvious
equivocate to deliberately mislead with unclear or ambiguous statemets
lament to wail; to express sorrow
pretense a false show; a professed rather than revealed purpose
posterity future generations
parricade murder of a parent or close relative
mirth happiness or gladness shown by or accompanied by laughter
contrive to devise or plan; to scheme
diminutive small in size
avaricious greedy; covetous
pernicious destructive or deadly; wicked
malady disease; disordered condition
perturbation disturbance; agitation; state of skewed equilibrium

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