Macbeth Vocabulary 1

Herald Definition: An official messenger bringing newsSynonyms: adviser, courier, reporterAntonyms: gossip, secret
Treason Definition: The offense of acting to overthrow one’s government, or to harm or kill its soverign. Violation of one’s alligence to his soverign or his state. The betray of trust or confidence, breach of faith, treachory. Synonyms: mutiny, deceit Antonyms: harmony, truth
Gall Definition: Bold or impudent behavior, something bitter to endure.Synonyms: disrespect, audacity, insolence Antonyms: respect, politeness, sympathy
Minion Definition: A faithful servant or subordinate to one in power.Synonyms: dependent, follower, henchmen, lackeyAntonyms: leader, master, boss
Solicit Definition: To ask for something such as money or help from people and companies.Synonyms: request, seekAntonyms: avoid
Paradox Definition: A statement or proposition that seems self contradictory or absurd but in reality expresses a possible truth. Synonyms: contradiction, puzzleAntonyms: normality, regularity
Dismal Definition: Depressing, dreary (of a person or a mood), gloomy characterized by a lack of skill, competence, imagination, or interest, pitiful.Synonyms: dingy, dark, morose, melancholyAntonyms: bright, cheerful, pleasant
Dire Definition: Causing or involving great fear or suffering, dreadful, terrible, urgent.Synonyms: desperate, acuteAntonyms: calm, unthreatening
Peerless Definition: Having no equal.Synonyms: unmatched, unequaledAntonyms: ordinary, normal
Broil Definition: A sustained fight among forces, a battle.Synonyms: fray, fight, clashAntonyms: ceasefire, peace, truth
Golgotha Definition: A hill near Jerusalem where Jesus was crucified, Calvary. A place of suffering, sacrifice, or burial.Synonyms: boot hill, catacomb, Calvary. Associated with faith, spirituality, and determination.Antonyms: Not associated with disloyalty, doubt, or distrust.
Prophetic Definition: To accurately describe or predict what will happen in the future.Synonyms: far see, predictAntonyms: inert, auspicious
Ominous Definition: Portraying evil or harm.Synonyms: threatening, inauspicious, foreboding, menacingAntonyms: promising, auspicious
Harbinger Definition: A person who goes ahead and makes the approach of another, foreshadows a future event.Synonyms: omen, portent, precursor, announceAntonyms: quiet, hide, withhold
Anon Definition: In a short time.Synonyms: soonAntonyms: later
Vantage Definition: A position, condition, or place affording some advantage or a commanding view.Synonyms: aid, ascendantAntonyms: disadvantage, blockage
Foul Definition: Grossly offensive to the senses, disgustingly loathsome, noisome.Synonyms: repulsive, putrid, repellentAntonyms: pleasant, clean, clear
Ignorant Definition: Lacking in knowledge or training.Synonyms: uniformed, uneducatedAntonyms: educated, experienced
Prophecy Definition: Predicting what will happen in the near future. Synonyms: vision, predicting, prognosisAntonyms: fortune, good omen, luck, provience
Sieve Definition: An instrument with a meshed or perforated bottom, used for separating coarse from fine parts of loose matter, for straining liquids.Synonyms: colander, filterAntonyms: dirty, combine, pollute, collect
Soliloquy Definition: An utterance or discourse by someone who is talking to him/herself, and is disregardful or oblivious to any hearers present (used as a device in drama to disclose a characters innermost thoughts)Synonyms: monologue, discourseAntonyms: dialogue
Foreboding Definition: Fearful, apprehension, a feeling that something bad will happen. Implying or seeming to imply that something bad is going to happen.Synonyms: dread, premonitionAntonyms: optimism, confidence
Lavish Definition: Sumptuously rich, elaborate, luxurious. Synonyms: bountiful, extravagant, abundantAntonyms: scarce, insufficient, lacking
Thane Definition: A Scottish feudal lord. A man ranking above an ordinary freeman, and below a noble in Anglo-Saxon England.Synonyms: citizenAntonyms: militant, king

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