macbeth vocab week three

define knell 1. (noun) the sound of a bell, especially when rung solemnly for a death or funeral2. (verb) (of a bell) ring solemnly, especially for a death or funeral
knell part of speech noun and verb
Knell Synonym chime; ring
Knell antonym silence
knell in a sentence 1. The knell of the bell rang through the town square.2. The bell knelled, signifying the start of the funeral.
define minion An individual who obeys the commands of another person
minion part of speech noun
minion synonym follower
minion antonym leader
minion in a sentence At work, I’m a minion who does everything my boss says.
define volition The faculty or power of using one’s will
volition part of speech noun
volition synonyms free will, choice
volition antonyms coercion, compulsion
volition in a sentence Despite my parents’ preference, I have decided to attend an out-of-state college on my own volition
define panacea a solution or remedy for all difficulties or diseases
panacea part of speech noun
panacea synonyms universal cure, easy solution
panacea antonyms disease, injury, pain
panacea in a sentence Unfortunately, there is no panacea that will make cancer instantly vanish from your body.
define resolute admirably purposeful, determined, and unwavering
resolute part of speech adjective
resolute synonyms steadfast, determined, fervid
resolute antonyms weak, indecisive
resolute in a sentence The teacher’s resolute shake of her head told me that it was useless to try to change her mind.

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