Macbeth vocab set one

hail etymology old english
harbinger etymology middle english
noble etymology latin
haunt etymology germanic
gall etymology germanic
earnest etymology germanic
treason etymology latin
frieze etymology french
vantage etymology old french
prophetic etymology greek
hail part of speech verb
harbinger part of speech noun
noble part of speech adjective
haunt part of speech verb
gall part of speech noun
earnest part of speech adjective
treason part of speech noun
frieze part of speech noun
vantage part of speech noun
prophetic part of speech adjective
hail synonyms to greetwelcome
hail antonyms to haltto stop
harbinger synonyms greeterannouncer
harbinger antonyms guestvisitor
noble synonyms grandstately
noble antonyms lowlyplain
haunt synonyms disturbtorment
haunt antonyms avoidelude
gall synonyms braverycourage
gall antonyms fearshyness
earnest synonyms excitedenergetic
earnest antonyms careless
treason synonyms treachery betrayal
treason antonyms patriotismloyalty
frieze synonyms wainscotborder
frieze antonyms ceiling floor
vantage synonyms assistanceedge
vantage antonyms blockagecoverage
prophetic synonyms predictivefortelling
prophetic antonyms realistic promising
hail definition to greet or call out in order to stop or attract attention
harbinger definition a person or thing that announced or signals the approach of another
noble definition having or showing fine personality principles/ideals
haunt definition to manifest itself at a place frequently
gall definition bold, impudent behavior
earnest definition resulting from or showing sincere and intense conviction
treason definition the crime of betraying ones country, especially by killing/overthrowing the government
frieze defintion a horizontal band of painted or sculpted decoration
vantage definition a place or position allowing for a good view of something
prophetic definition accurately describing or predicting what will happen

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