macbeth vocab sentences

pernicious The full moon brought about pernicious high tides that gradually flooded waterfront homes.
thrall Mary divorced her husband, as she had been in thrall to his abusive ways for too long.
husbandry After learning about some of the cruelties of animal husbandry, he became a vegetarian.
benediction Today in church, the Pope made a benediction for people who were sick.
epicure After visiting multiple wineries, the epicure decided that white wine is best paired with fish.
sundry The sundry items in her purse made it very difficult to categorize and clean out.
harbinger The ominous and dark clouds were a harbinger for the impending storm.
prate She had a tendency to prate on and on, despite her audience looking bored.
equivocate Trying to hide the fact that she went to party from her mom, Julie equivocated while talking about her whereabouts the previous night.
metaphysical People who try to contact the dead believe in metaphysical ideas.
wanton (1) His wanton behavior altered his friends’ previously positive impression of him.
bane She was the bane of my existence, always nagging me about my flaws.
eclipse When the moon fully or partially blocks the sun, there is a solar eclipse.
phantasmagoria Her scary dream was vivid and filled phantasmagoria of horror.
blasphemous His blasphemous talk had him excommunicated from the Catholic Church.
rapt I sat and listened to President Obama’s speech in rapt attention.
augur The impending hurricane did not augur well for the house under construction.
sprite Tinkerbell is a sprite in Peter Pan.
carouse Going from bar to bar, they caroused all night.
conjure In an attempt to visualize her race which would supposedly help her win, she conjured up images of herself winning the race.
emasculate When I beat up my brother, he felt emasculated.
macabre He couldn’t sleep and was troubled with insomnia due to a macabre series of murders he had witnessed.
arbitrate The council will arbitrate amongst the combatting groups.
minion She committed suicide, believing it to better than being a minion to her slave owner.
hurly-burly He was overwhelmed by the hurly-burly of the riot.
jocund After winning, there was a jocund atmosphere.
incarnadine He cut his knee and looked down to an incarnadine puddle of blood.
abjure After learning of the church’s stance on homosexual marriage, he abjured Christianity.
visceral His visceral reaction is to run when he sees snakes.
wanton (2) Her wanton ways led her friends to believe she would cheat on her boyfriend.

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