Macbeth, Vocab List: 2

Beelzebub the devil
benison blessing/benediction
blasted rotten, blighted, affected by a withering disease or some other mold or parasite
brindled striped, especially tawny brown marked with darker streaks or patches
carousing partying, drinking heavily and rowdily
dun brownish grey in color, drab, gloomy…Originally animal feces
equivocate to tell a half-truth in order to intentionally deceive or mislead
gall bile, stomach acid OR audacity, imprudent boldness
gorgon In Greek mythology, a monstrous female creature with snakes for hair who turned those who looked at her into stone.
Harbinger somebody or something that foreshadows or anticipates future event. Herald, portent. omen
Incarnadine blood-red
metaphysical speculative, abstract, related to the supernatural, philosophical
mettle strength of will, bravery, determination, inherent temperament, gift
multitudinous very numerous, made of many parts, countless, infinite
posset a warm drink…traditionally, fermented milk and wine warmed and steeped with spices
prate announce, complain, babble, rant
procreant having to do with procreation or offspring…related to birth or reproduction
rapt completely engrossed, concentrating on something to the exclusion of everything else
ravin to devour or consume greedily
ravish to rape, to violate, to capture and carry off by force *more modern definition: To overwhelm with pleasurable feelings or emotions
sentinel guard, sentry
surcease end, death
trammel (noun) a net, something that limits a person’s freedoms….(verb) to restrain or ensnare somebody or something. to hold back
vantage view, place from which to see something OR advantageous position or superiority in a contest (advantage)
wassail to make a hearty, enthusiastic toast

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