Macbeth Vocab List 1

Amiss (adj./adv.) out of order/ wrongly (I new something was amiss when he didnt answer the door.)
Compunction (n.) a feeling of guilt or anxiety about something you have done or might do – negative (I would have no compunction about quitting)
corporal (adj.) physical
dire (adj.) dreadful, horrible, extreme. (There people are in dire need of help)
disdain (v.) when you dislike someone or something becasue you do not think they deserve a your interest or respect (He regards the poltiical process with disdain)
equivocate (v.) to speak in a way that is intentionally not clear a way to hide the truth. (he accused the minister of equivicating, claiming that he had avioded telling the public how bad the problem really was.)
gall (n.) bitter liquid
harbinger (n.) someone or something that shows that something is going to happen soon, especially something bad. (a harbinger of doom.)
husbandry (n.) careful of thrifty managment
impede (v.) to slow downor cause problems for the achievement (although he’s shy, it certainly hasn’t impeded his career in anyway.)
mettle (n.) ability and determination when competing or doing something difficult. (the athletes showed/proved their mettle in the final round.)
palpable (adj.) so ovious it can be easily seen or known. (her joy was palpable)
sacrilegious (adj) threating something holy or important without respect. (it is found sacrilegious to wear sweatpants in church.)
surmise (v.) to guess something, without having any proof. (the police surmise that the robbers have fled the country.)
undaunted (adj.) still determined and enthusiastic, despite problems or no success. (undaunted by the cold or rain people danced on the streets till 2 am.)

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