Macbeth Vocab for Act II- Sentences

Husbandry The man’s husbandry was reflected in the fact that he only bought items that were on sale
Palpable There was a palpable tension in the air as the contestants waited to see if they would move on to the next round of the competition
Sentinel The soldier acting as a sentinel was stationed as a guard at the entrance of the building
Allegiance Swearing that you will follow the laws of a country is an example of giving allegiance
Incarnadine The man scrubbed his dirt-caked skin, causing it to become incarnadine
Confound(s) The chef confounded his cake by using spoiled milk in the batter
Infirm Space was scarce on the train, and if sitting room was available, it was for the old and infirm only
Malice John’s malice to his ex-wife lead him to vandalize her car
Amiss The bank teller knew that something was amiss when he saw that the bank vault was open
Equivocator The accused criminal equivocated to avoid answering the judge’s questions
Entomb The ancient Egyptians entombed their kings in special burial chambers
Benison The priest gave a benison to the ill woman, in hopes of her getting better
Invested After his father died, the prince was invested, and ready to become king
Suborned The politician suborned many people, giving them money if they voted for him
Jocund The little girl’s birthday party was a jocund event, everyone had a great time
Adage It is an old adage that history repeats itself
Wassail The king often held wassails with his citizens, drinking spiced ale and dancing until dawn
Surcease The surgery was the key to the surcease of his pain
Beguile The robber beguiled the security guards by dressing up as the manager of the bank
Lavish The orphaned girl was not used to a lavish lifestyle, she had almost no belongings

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