macbeth vocab and sentences

husbandry being thrifty, usually used with farmingThe man’s husbandry was evident when he only bought items on sale.
palpable able to be touched, felt, or understood.Math is not palpable to me.
sentinel a soldier/guard whose job is to stand and keep watch.The guard was a sentinel all night and watched for trespassers.
allegiance loyalty or commitment to a superior group or cause.The Americans pledge their allegiance to the flag everyday.
incarnadine a bright crimson or pink-redish color.My shirt was an incarnadine shade
confound to cause surprise or confusion to someone (usually by going against their expectations) in a negative way. The usually polite and mature student confounded the teacher when he acted poorly against the substitute.
infirm not physically or mentally strong, usually because of age or illness.He was old, infirm, and too weak to walk to the end of the driveway to retrieve his mail.
malice intention to do harm, evil, or hurt others.With malice, she set out to betray all her friends.
amiss not quite right, innappropriate, out of place.His rude comments in class were amiss.
equivocator to use ambiguous or unclear expressions, usually to avoid commitment or mislead.He was equivocating to lead them to a false truth.
entomb to place a dead body in a tomb.The Ancient Egyptians would entomb the dead.
benison a blessing given in good timesThe gift of a healthy life is a benison.
invest ceremony for someone to install them into power.he was invested into the ruling of his new land.
suborned bribe or induce someone to commit an unlawful act.he suborned the political leaders to grant him power.
jocund cheerful or lighthearted spiritshe had a jocund spirit and lit up a room with happiness.
adage proverb or short statement expressing a general truthi once heard an adage that said “an apple away keeps the doctor away”
wassail spiced ale/mulled wine for celebrationsthey drank wassail at the holiday feast
surcease to cease, come to an endI cannot wait for math to surcease because today’s periods are 80 minutes.
beguile to charm or enchant someonehe was beguiled by his crush.
lavish elaborate, luxurious, or doing something in abundancethe rulers threw big and lavish parties.

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