Macbeth Vocab. Acts 4&5

cistern a tank or a well for holding water
intemperance excessive indulgence of appetites
hoodwink to trick or deceive
scepter a rod or wand held as an emblem of regal power
confound to confuse, perplex, or amaze
malady illness of body or spirit
benediction an utterance of good wishes
quarry a hunted or pursued animal or bird
epicure a person with refined taste for food or wine
arbitrate to act as an impartial party in deciding a dispute
rabble a disorderly crowd
prowess exceptional bravery, especially in combat or battle
infirmity a physical weakness or sickness
mirth gaiety, laughter
blanched to become white
malevolence malice or hatred
rue to regret
ratify to confirm by consent or approval
thither toward that place or point
valiant brave or courageous

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