Macbeth Vocab acts 3-5 definitions

amend to change or alter
augur a soothsayer, prophet or predictor
blanch to whiten or pale by removing color
bounteous generous; willing to give freely; plentiful
cloister to confine or a place of confinement/isolation
malevolence a state of hatred or malice (evil intent)
oracle any person serving as a means of divine communication (speaker for the gods)
thrall a person enslaved by some power
vouch to support as being true
apparition a ghost or spirit
avaricious greedy
blaspheme to speak of something sacred in an irrelevant manner
covet to desire that which is another’s
detraction a reduction by taking away
integrity rigid adherence to a code of values
niggard a stingy person
redress to set right
sanctity sacredness
unsanctified made unholy
whetstone a stone used for sharpening tools and weapons
abhorred disliked intensely
antidote something that counteracts poison or injury, a curative
bane a cause of death, ruin, or pain; a poison
censure criticize; blame
compass to circle or surround
perturbation a disturbance
prowess superior skill, strength, or courage
usurper one who seizes and holds by a force what is not legally his

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