Macbeth Vocab Act III-V ( words and definitions)

posterity all future generations
parricide a murder of a relative
dauntless fearless
bounteous king; given freely
sundry various or diverse
joival characterized by joy
purged to kill/ to be dead
contriver a person who plans/plots
pious religious
conjure to demand by invoking a spell
pernicious causing harm or ruin;a spell
diminutive small;tiny;little
desolate isolated
avaricious greedy
blaspheme to speak irreverently of God
abjure to avoid/shun
dire causing or involving great suffering
quarry a pit/excavation
guise exact habit
sovereign a monarch/to have supreme power
epicures a person who cultivates a refined taste
pristine pure, primitive
purgative cleansing, deathly
speculative suspicious
arbitrate mediate,determine
palter to bargain with
usurp(er) to take illegally/ by force

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