Macbeth Vocab Act 3-5 Definitions

posterity descendants
parricide killing of a parent or other relative
dauntless showing fearlessness and determination
bounteous generously giving or given
sundry several; various kinds
jovial cheerful and friendly
purged to free someone from and unwanted feeling, memory or condition
contriver to form designs; plan
pious very religious
conjure to make something appear magically
pernicious having a harmful affect in a subtle way
diminutive small, tiny or little
desolate a deserted place; dismal emptiness
avaricious greedy
blaspheme to speak irreverently about God or sacred things
abjure to formally reject
dire extremely urgent of serious
quarry a place where stone is dug out from; typically a large, deep pit
guise appearance
sovereign supreme ruler
epicures a person who takes pleasure in fine dining
pristine in its original condition; unspoiled
purgative strongly laxative in effect
speculative engaged in; expressing
arbitrate to reach an authoritative judgement or settlement
palter equivocate in action or speech (lie)
usurp(er) to take illegally or by force

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