macbeth vocab act 2 sentences

cleave Banquo’s head was ___________________ by the murderers when his head was divided in half.
allegiance Macbeth was not _______________________ to Banquo because he was the one who sent murderers to kill him.
stealthy Macbeth was ______________ walking when he went to kill Duncan so no one will notice him.
knell Lady Macbeth made a __________ to say that someone was killed.
quench Macbeth could not _____________ his wife’s desire for power.The Macbeth’s were not ________________ with the amount of power they had.
confound When Macbeth was in Duncan’s bunker before killing him, Duncan was _____________ to see Macbeth in his bunker and with a knife.
gild Macbeth wanted to _________ himself more by wanting to be king
equivocate Macbeth ____________ about his true feeling of King Duncan in order to avoid being caught
renown Macbeth had great _____________ after becoming king.
repent Macbeth will show no _______________ for the death of Banquo because he wanted him to get killed.
pretense Macbeth make up a ________________ after Duncan’s death.
reign Macbeth didn’t want Banquo’s sons to ___________ in the future, so he sent murderers to kill him.
rein Macbeth can’t _______ in his fears of being caught of all the people he has murdered.
barren Lady Macbeth is ___________, that is one of the reasons Macbeth wants Banquo dead, because they can’t have kids.
solemn Banquo’s death was a ______________ moment to everyone who knew him.
muse Macbeth didn’t _________ about the killing of the king.
pious The Macbeth’s didn’t live a _________ life because they committed crimes against their religion.
exasperate The three witches made Hecate really ________________ because they told Macbeth too much.
haste Macbeth was so power hungry he acted in so much _________ he ended up killing two people.

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