Macbeth Vocab

Judicious Give an example of a judicious character in macbeth. Explain. (Adj) having, exercising, or characterized by good judgment or sense; prudentBanquo because he knew something was fishy about Macbeth from the beginning which is why he left with fleaonce
Quench Identify the speaker and scene of this quote:”That which hath made them drunk hath made me bold. What hath quenched them hath given me fire” (Verb) to extinguish, to put out, to cool with liquidLady Macbeth
Harbinger What event in Act 2 Scene 4 served as a harbinger of worse things to come ? (Noun) a person or thing that announces or signals the approach of another Daytime is night, owl killed falcon
Avouch Find a synonym (Verb) to declare as a matter of fact or as a thing that can be provedAdmit/affirm
Credulous Use this word in a sentence about macbeth (Adj) believing on slight evidence gullible Macbeth is credulous due to the fact he believes everything the witches tell him although They may be true he thinks there on his side.
ScrupulousDescribe a scrupulous student (Adj) very principled, very careful, and conscientious A scrupulous student is someone who is always prepared and always hands in work on time
AppallGive an example of when the audience might have been appalled by a characters actions in Macbeth (Verb) to overcome with consternation, shock, or dismay The audience of Macbeth could have been appalled when Macbeth decided to kill Duncan himself and than killing the guards.
Malevolence Find two or more words that use the prefix mal (Noun) having, showing, or arising from intense often vicious hatred Malodorous maltreatment
RancorWhy does Macbeth feel rancor for banquo (Noun) bitterness or resentful was Macbeth feels this way because banquo sons are heir to the throne
AppeaseHow does lady Macbeth try to appease the guest at the banquet (Verb) to bring to a state of peaceLady Macbeth tells everyone Macbeth has had vision since he was a child she than hurries everyone out explaining his illness grows worse

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