Macbeth Vocab #33-66 with synonyms and antonyms

expeditious done with speed and efficiencya – sluggish
flout to treat with contempts – scoff, jeer, gibe, sneer, mock, insult
forswear to renounce and to repudiates – abjure, renounce, recant, retracta – to embrace eagerly
fret to worry or be annoyeda – relax
galling very irritatinga – soothing
harbingers things that precede and forecasts – forerunners, heralds, precursors
hideous very ugly, offensive, shockinga – delightful
homage to reverential regard; respect shown by external actions – honor, reverence, deference, obeisancea – disrespect
homely plain or unattractive in appearancea – pretty, attractive
humane kind, compassionate, sympathetic and consideratea – brutal
husband to manage prudently and in a conservative manner a – to ignore, to slight
industrious skillfully busy or occupieds – assiduous, diligent, sedulousa – slothful, indolent
intemperance lack of moderation (usually relating to drinking alcohol) a – temperance, moderation
kindle to start a fire, to stir upa – to douse
lament to mourn or to express sorrow in a demonstrative manners – bemoan, bewail, deplorea – to rejoice
largess generous givinga – miserliness
laud to praise, to extols – reverea – to defame
lecher one who indulges excessively in sexual activity or in lasciviousnessa – ascetic
malady a disease or unwholesome conditiona – good health
malevolence ill will or evil intentionss – malice, malignity, spite, spleena – benevolence
malice desire to harm otherss – malevolence, malignity, spire, spleena – concern
malicious motivated by hate or deliberate intent to harma – kind
mettle courage or spirits – resolution, tenacitya – lack of courage
mirth gladness and merriment usually accompanied by laughters – glee, hilarity, jollitya – sadness
mortify to humiliate, to wound pride, to experience shamea – to calm, to soothe
oblivion state of being forgottena – remembrance
obscure difficult to see, vagues – abstruse, ambiguous, cryptic, enigmatic, equivocal, reconditea – clear, apparent
palpable able to be touched
pernicious very destructive or harmful, deadlys – baneful, deleterious, detrimental, noxiousa – harmful, benign
petty small and insignificanta – significant, prodigious
plight difficult or adverse situationa – fortunate situation
posterity future generations, all descendants of a persona – forebears
potent powerful, having a strong effecta – ineffectual
prate to talk idly or foolishly at great lengtha – to speak about serious matters

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