Macbeth Vocab 2

trammel part of speech noun
brandish part of speech verb
broil part of speech verb
forsooth part of speech adverb
lavish part of speech adjective
quarrel part of speech noun
cherubin part of speech noun
clamor part of speech noun
enterprise part of speech noun
swine part of speech noun
trammel etymology latin
brandish etymology old french
broil etymology old french
forsooth etymology old english
lavish etymology latin
quarrel etymology latin
cherubin etymology latin
clamor etymology latin
enterprise etymology latin
swine etymology germanic
trammel definition a restriction to one’s freedom
brandish definiton to wave or flourish as a threat or in anger or excitement
broil definition to be subjected to intense heat or burning
forsooth definition indeed
lavish definiton sumptuously rich luxurious or elaborate
quarrel definition a fight typically between two people usually on good terms
cherubin an innocent or sweet child like a baby angel
clamor definiton a loud and confused noise
enterprise definition a project or undertaking typically one that is difficult or requires effort
swine definition a person regarded by the speaker with disgust
trammel synonyms restriction impediment
trammel antonyms freedom support
brandish synonyms flourish wave
brandish antonyms hide still
broil synonyms boil heat
broil antonyms freeze cool
forsooth synonyms indeed yes
forsooth antonyms no nope
lavish synonyms expensive fancy
lavish antonyms poor plain
quarrel synonyms fight battle
quarrel antonyms peace treaty
cherubin synonyms angle small child
cherubin antonyms demon devil
clamor synonyms alarm racket
clamor antonyms silence stillness
enterprise synonyms project job
enterprise antonyms busy work simple task
swine synonyms jerk bully
swine antonyms friend pleasure

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