Macbeth Vocab

Sooth Honest
Dismal gloomy
Deign condescend; lower oneself
Sieve strainer
Flout to mock
Tempest storm
Rapt fascinated
Corporal human body
Imperial relating to an empire
Surmise to guess
Interim the time between
Trifle Of little importance
Recompose Make amends
Harbinger Foreshadow
Hie To move
Chastise to punish
Direst Desperate
Pall Cloth
Keen sharp
Beguile to deceive
Plague disease
Cherubim Child
Adage a proverb, wise saying
Enterprise A difficult task
Chamberlain Bedroom servant
Warder guard
Swinish ill-mannered
Repose To sleep
Sentinel guard
Prate To talk foolishly
Knell bell toll signifying a death
Gild to cover with gold
Equivocator one who lies or misleads
Lechery sexual desire
Mar Impair
Lamenting Mourning
Countenance face
Scruples doubts
Suborned Bribe
Predecessors Replace
Verities truths
Oracles prophecies
Indissoluble permanent
Parricide killing a relative
Chide to scold
Fruitless useless
Sceptor Staff
Rancor bitter resentment
Bosom chest
Incensed very angry
Fancies Liking
Malice Evil
Eminence superiority
Peal Bells
Mirth amusement or laughter
Blanched Colorless
Pious religious
Malevolence malice
Sear to burn
Laudable deserving praise
Folly Foolish
Impediment obstacle
Avarice greed
Blaspheme to speak disrespectfully of God
Scruples Moral consideration
Credulous gullible
Haste to hurry
Malady illness
Rend Tear violently
Doff to take off
Demerits punishments for wrongdoing
Sere dry and withered
Hew To strike
Bough a big branch on a tree
Ague chills, shivering
Wrath anger
Vulnerable open to attack

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