macbeth vocab

equivocate to say something that has more than one possible meaning, in order to avoid giving a clear or direct answer.
hurly-burly a commotion; noisy activity.
minions followers who just obey other people’s orders. He ordered his minions to dispose of the body
recompense to give someone a payment for trouble or losses that you have caused them, or a reward for their efforts to help you : We hope this payment will go some way to recompense you for any inconvenience we may have caused
harbinger a sign that something is going to happen soon : The fatal hoot of the owl was a harbinger of Duncan’s death.
palpable able to be touched or physically felt. Their love seemed almost palpable
amorous expressing love or the state of being in love After his divorce, he envied other couples’ amorous behavior.
evocative calling forth an emotional response : The setting of the first scene of Macbeth is evocative of loneliness.
provocative serving to provoke or stimulate. The predictions were very provocative
vociferously marked by insistent outcry. The witches spoke vociferously(adv). It was a heated and vociferous debate (adj).
divulge to make known something secret; to reveal She divulged my secret, even after I made her promise she wouldn’t
ingrate an ungrateful person That worthless ingrate took the present without even a “thank you”!
moribund close to death; in a dying state The company was moribund soon after he became CEO.
censure to blame or find fault with. The judge censured the lawyer for filing his papers late. (n) a severe criticism or harsh judgment. Independent women experienced greater censure during the 1800s than today.
voluble characterized by a ready flow of words; talkative. The voluble host rarely gave his guests a chance to speak.
ensconce to place securely; to conceal I like to sleep ensconced in flannel sheets
odious hateful, contemptible. While many people consider studying vocabulary an odious task, there are some who find it enjoyable
precursor something that leads to a later development or idea. “The automobiles of the 1940’s were precursors of the PT Cruiser.”
sumptuous extravagantly splendid or costly; luxurious. The king enjoyed the sumptuous meal.
motif a theme or idea in a work of art or literature that is developed or repeated. The motif of time in woven into Macbeth from the first word to the last.
adroit clever at dealing with difficult situations; adept; skillful Her adroit handling of the brush was a sign of her talent as an artist
affront an insulting or offensive act Her foul anguage was an affront to our family’s values.
pariah a social outcast You could tell she was a friendless pariah.
raucous boisterous and disorderly. The teacher yelled at us for our raucous behavior
tacit expressed without words; implied. We had a tacit agreement to help each other if we ever got into trouble
allure the power to attract or charm Hollywood has an age-old allure
beguile to trick or charm with deception I was beguiled into donating $100 to a fake cause
quandary a state of being in doubt about what to do I was in a quandary about which elective to take
scintillating lively, witty, or sparkly I was attracted to his scintillating personality
scrutinize to examine with great care The jeweler scrutinized my ring to see the quality of the gem

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