Macbeth Vocab

Plight NounSynonym PredicamentNo antonymThe plight of the man was disconcerting
Valor -noun-Synonym Courage-Antonym Cowardliness-She displayed valor in the face of danger
Lavish -adjective/verb-Using and giving in great amounts-Synonym Generous Bestow-Antonym Meager Take-The walls were lavishly covered in gold
Allegiance -noun-Loyalty to a person, group, or cause-Synonym Loyalty-Antonym Disloyal -The servant pledges his allegiance to the king
Chastise -verb-Synonym Scold-Antonym Praise-The teacher chastise the student for being loud
Dire -adj-Synonym Bad-Antonym Calm, relaxed-He acted quick in a dire situation
Esteem -noun/verb-Synonym Respect-Antonym Disrespect-She had great esteem for my professor because he was very wise
Adage -noun-Synonym A saying Aphorism-Better safe than sorry
Mettle -noun-a person’s ability to cope well with difficulties or to face a demanding situation in a spirited and resilient way-Synonym Strength of Spirit-The competition tested her mettle
Largess -noun generous bestowal of gifts-Synonym Generosity-Antonym Selfishness-The man displayed largess during christmas to his servants

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