Macbeth Vocab 11-20

Knell-N Slow bell ringSynonyms: chime, clangA knell sounded over the courtyard
Pernicious-adj. Causing great harm, destruction or deathSynonyms: damaging, destructivePernicious behavior can be dangeroud
Predominance-N Having power or influence over othersSynonyms: command, controlPredominance is key in many sports
Recompense-V To give compensation to somebody for an injury or lossSynonyms: reimburse, repayI recompensed joe for his broken arm
Solicit-V To try to get something my making insistent requests or pleasSynonyms: ask, begSoliciting is illegal at many businesses
Sovereign-Adj.+N The ruler or permanent head of stateSynonyms: monarch, kingHis sovereign rule was approved by the public
Sundry-adj. VariousSynonyms: changing, fickleJoes sundry attitude led to nobody believing him
Treason-N Betrayal of one’s countrySynonyms: disloyalty, treacheryTreason is the worst thing you could do to your country
Trifle-V+N Something that has little or no importance, significance, or valueSynonyms: unimportant, insignificantA keychain is a trifle thing to buy
Valor-N Courage, especially that shown in war or battleSynonyms: bravery, confidenceAlex’s valor in battle made him stand out

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