Macbeth Vocab

Abhor (Verb) To regard with disgust and hatred , To not like
Ague (Noun) Malaria or some illness where you shiverSynonym: Malady
Appall (Verb) Greatly dismayed or horrified
Appease (Verb) To bring a state of peace, Ease or calm
Augment (Verb) To increase in size
Beguile (Verb) To persuade, To influence by trickery; flattery; mislead and delude
Bides (Verb) Wait, Remain or Stay somewhere
Bounteous (Adjective) A lot, Generously given or givingSynonym: Sundry
Brandished (Verb) To show off, to wave or flourish a weapon
Carousing (Verb) Partying, To drink plentiful amounts of alcohol and enjoy oneself with others in a noisy; lively way
Censure (Verb) To officially criticize, Expression of formal disapprovalSynonym: Castigate, Chastise
Chastise (Verb) Criticizing, To discipline [verbally]
Cleave (Verb) To stick together(Verb) To break apart
Consort (Verb) To be with, To unite, Associate
Corporal (Adjective) Of the human body
Countenance (Noun) Facial expression
Couriers (Noun) A messenger who transports goods and documentsSynonym: Harbinger
Covet (Verb) To want or desire badly
Dauntless (Adjective) Brave, Fearless
Diminutive (Adjective) Extremely small, Tiny
Eminence (Noun) Fame or superioritySynonym: Renown
Equivocate (Verb) Speaking in ambiguous language in order to conceal the truth
Harbinger (Noun) Messenger, A person or thing that foreshadows or foretells the coming of someone or somethingSynonyms: Courier, Omen
Homage (Noun) Respect, Special Honor shown publiclySynonym: Estimable
Impede (Verb) Stop, To delay or prevent someone or something by obstructing them
Integrity (Noun) The quality of being honest and having moving principles
Interdiction (Noun) Law, judgment or prohibition; An authoritative prohibition especially by court order
Malice (Noun) Intention to hurt; Desire to inflict injurySynonym: Pernicious
Minion (Noun) A follower of a powerful person
Muse (Verb) Think about something carefully
Oblivious (Adjective) Unaware
Palpable (Adjective) Able to be touched or felt
Parricide (Noun) The killing of a parent or other relative usually a father
Pernicious (Adjective) Causing intended harmSynonym: Malice
Plight (Noun) A dangerous, difficult otherwise unfortunate situation
Rebuke (Verb) Discipline, Sharp disapproval or criticism because of bad behavior
Scruples (Verb) A moral principle that inhibits an action
Suborned (Verb) To bribe or otherwise induce someone to commit an unlawful act such as perjury
Surmise (Verb) Suppose that something is true without having evidence to confirm it
Tarry (Verb) Linger, To remain or stay

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