Macbeth Vocab #1

Antidote Something that relieves the effects of poison
Antidote Synonym Antitoxin,remedy,cure,Counteractant
Antidote Antonym Poison
Augment To make greater or supplement
Augment Synonym Add to, amplify,enhance
Augment Antonym To diminish
Augury An omen or prophecy
Augury Synonym Forewarning,portent,sign, auspice
Augury Antonym
Avarice Greed for wealth
Avarice Synonym Cupidity
Avarice Antonym Generosity
Balm A soothing substance that gives relief
Balm Synonym Ointment, lotion, salve
Balm Antonym Irritant
Bane,baneful A source of harm or destruction;harmful, destructive
Bane,baneful Synonym Deleterious, detrimental, noxious, pernicious
Bane,baneful Antonym Benign influence;harmless
Beguile To deceive, to mislead, to persuade with charm
Beguile Synonym Delude
Beguile Antonym To enlighten
Bestow To grant or give
Bestow Synonym Grant, accord, afford
Bestow antonym Deprive
Blanch To take the color out of, to bleach, to make white
Blanch Synonym Whiten, lighten, wash out, bleach
Blanch Antonym To color
Blasphemous Irreverent,profane
Blasphemous Synonym Sacrilegious, profane, irreligious
Blasphemous Antonym Sacred, reverent
Buffeted Struck repeatedly, battered
Buffeted Synonym Batter, pound, strike, lash
Buffeted Antonym Assuaged;soothed
Censure To blame or condemn
Censure synonym Denounce, reprehend, reprobate
Censure antonym To praise
Champion To defend or support
Champion synonym Advocate, promote, defend
Champion antonym To persecute
Cherubic Innocent, wholesome, angelic
Cherubic synonym Angelic, sweet,cute
Cherubic Antonym Fiendish
Chide To voice disapproval, to scold
Chide Synonym Admonish, castigate, chasten, chastise, rebuke,reprove
Chide Antonym To applaud
Clamor Loud noise or shouting
Clamor synonym Racket, rumpus, uproar
Clamor Antonym Quiet
Cloister To seclude or confine
Cloister synonym Covered,secluded
Cloister Antonym To display, to exhibit
Combustible Capable of burning
Combustible Synonym Flammable, incendiary
Combustible Antonym Unable to burn
Confound To cause one to become confused
Confound Synonym Astonish, dumbfound,perplex, bemuse
Confound Antonym To distinguish between
Corporeal Relating to a physical, material body;tangible and palpable
Corporeal Synonym Bodily, material, substantial
Corporeal Antonym Immaterial; not tangible
Credulous Believing on slight evidence; Gulliable
Credulous Synonym Gullible, naive, unquestioning
Credulous Antonym Suspicious
Daunt To intimidate; to dismay
Daunt Synonym Discourage, demoralize
Daunt Antonym To hearten
Deft Skillful;adroit
Deft Synonym Clever, cunning, dexterous, ingenious
Deft Antonym Clumsy
Desolate Deserted without inhabitants, barren
Desolate Synonym Bleak, stark, dismal
Desolate Antonym Populous
Diminution Diminishment,reduction
Diminution Synonym Deduction, decrease, decline
Diminution Antonym Escalation
Disdain Intense dislike; to treat with scorn or contempt, to reject as unworthy
Disdain Synonym To be arrogant, haughty, high-handed, insolent, lordly
Disdain Antonym Favor, admiration;to love
Dispatch To send away with promptness or speed; speed, quickness
Dispatch Synonym Haste, expediency
Dispatch Antonym To delay;slowness;inefficiency
Ecstasy Extreme happiness
Ecstasy Synonym Rapture, transport
Ecstasy Antonym Wretchedness
Entreaty A plea, an earnest request
Entreaty Synonym Adjuration, appeal, suit, importunity, supplication
Entreaty Antonym Denial
Epicure A person who understands a lot about food and drink, a connoisseur
Epicure Synonym Gastronome, gourmet, gourmand
Epicure Antonym Ascetic
Equivocate To attempt to lie, to mislead, or to hide the truth
Equivocate Synonym Palter, prevaricate
Equivocate Antonym To tell the truth
Esteem Estimate of value;approval and respect often blended with fondness
Esteem synonym Regard, valuation, reputation
Esteem Antonym Disrespect

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