Macbeth to lean essay

STARTER SENTANCE -Ambition blinding better judgement #1 Shakespeare has successfully portrayed the idea of ambition blinding Macbeth from his better judgement throughout the play Macbeth.
Ambition blinding better judgement – No guilt at start o From the beginning to the end Macbeth’s character changes dramatically. o Macbeth at the start of the play is a decent citizen of the kingdom and King Duncan and Macbeth’s peers praise his fighting and dedication. o Macbeth gets named thane of Cawdor after a coming back from a successful battle, however, this title isn’t enough for Macbeth himself or lady Macbeth.
Ambition blinding better judgement – Lady macbeth’s role o Lady Macbeth appears to be relatively sweet on the outside however further into the play proves to be bitter, she uses her influence over Macbeth into committing the murdering of king Duncan in order for himself to be king. o He has Fleence and Banquo killed by some murdered
Ambition blinding better judgement – guilt catching up o Towards the end of the play Macbeth’s guilt and his ambition had caught up with him.o Macbeth morals and values were lost because of his personal ambition. “I have forgotten the taste of fears,”
Ambition blinding better judgement – guilt catching up o Macbeth is expressing through this quote his loss of fear and his new undefeatable stance he has taken upon
Ambition blinding better judgement – Impact on teenagers o Throughout the play, it is reminding us what too much ambition can do. Ambition ends up running Macbeth’s life and has him lose is morals and everything that was important to him such as lady Macbeth. o Make sure the goals and ambitions we have for future are set on good moral, not superficial gain as Macbeth’s were.
STARTER SENTENCE – Disorder breeding further disorder #2 If things are orderly then life will continue to be orderly, if life is of disorder then life will continue to be disorderly until some order is restored.
Disorder breeding further disorder – Beginning vs end ♣ Contrasted between the begging of the play and towards the end. ♣ Beginning of the play the kingdom is very orderly harmoniously co-existing together.♣ Three witches then predict that there is going to be a change in the kingdom, the witches say together “Fair is foul, and foul is fair.”
Disorder breeding further disorder – Macbeth’s take over ♣ Macbeth’s take over, the kingdom began to fall apart, other thanes in Scotland began to notice a negative impact everywhere ♣ A soliloquy, Lennox explains what Scotland was like before “We may again give our tables meat, sleep to our nights. Free from our feasts and banquets bloody knives.”
Disorder breeding further disorder – Impact on Teenagers ♣ Teenagers should take note of is the more orderly things are in your life the more orderly and less disruptive life you will live. ♣ Important warning to teenagers. ♣ This has helped me to conclude that to stop disorder from breeding disorder we as the teens of the next generation need to be more organised. ♣ Good leadership is also important to the success of not only a team or school but also to cohesively run a country.
STARTER SENTENCE – Guilt will always catch up with you #3 No matter what your intentions are guilt will always catch up with you, guilt also catches up with kings like Macbeth.
Guilt will always catch up with you – Characters used (Lady Macbeth) ¬ Portrayed the idea that guilt will catch up with the characters, Predominantly throughout the use of characters. ¬ Lady Macbeth starts off as a very dominate character convincing her husband to kill king Duncan for their own superficial gain – power. ¬ Convincing Macbeth to commit this crime for power buy questioning his manhood she says “When you durst do it, then you were a man; And to be more than what you were, you would be so much more the man.”
Guilt will always catch up with you – Catching up to Lady Macbeth ¬ Guilt catching up with lady Macbeth comes into play towards the end of the play. Act five, the guilt and remorse come to haunt her. ¬ Lady Macbeth is beginning to sleepwalk and muttered about the horrible act of killing Duncan. She slowly goes crazy with guilt becoming a meek, fearful and discontented character.¬ Obsessive – the blood when she is washing the daggers they killed Duncan with. Scene five where she was making a washing motion with her hands and saying “Out dammed spot, out I say”.
Guilt will always catch up with you – Impact on teenagers ¬ Relevant to teenagers when making the wrong or right decision. In life, there are situations when there is clearly the wrong thing to do and through the play Macbeth this idea shows us the outcome of guilt not being pleasant. ¬ Possible consequences of making bad decisions and not to make them because it will catch up to me one day.

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