Macbeth Timeline of Events

Act 1, scene 1 *Witches-witches speak about when they will next meet, and how they’ll be meeting w/Macbeth
Act 1, scene 2 *King Duncan, Malcolm, Captain, Ross, Angus, Lennox-Macbeth defeats traitorous Macdonwald and Norwegian forces in battle-Captain tells King of bravery of Macbeth/Banquo, wounded
Act 1, scene 3 *Witches, Macbeth, Banquo, Ross, Angus-witches talk of killing pigs and planning revenge on a sailor who’s wife refused to share her chestnuts-meet Macbeth/Banquo (who are disgusted by inhumane creatures) on way to king’s feast and call Macbeth Thane of Glamis and Cawdor/future king, confusing him-tell Banquo he’ll provide a line of kings, though not one himself-refuse to answer their confusion/?’s and vanish-Ross and Angus show up, and Ross tells Macbeth he’s now Thane of Cawdor b/c old one was a traitor & will be executed-Macbeth asks Banquo if he thinks/wants to have a line of kings now/if he trusts prophecy, and Banquo replies saying he still feels a little iffy/shady about the witches, who could be devils telling them truths just to destroy them later-Macbeth wonders if he’ll become king too now, and whether it will be fate or he’ll have to kill someone/force his way into it
Act 1, scene 4 *King, Malcolm, Macbeth, (Ross & Angus-don’t speak), Banquo-King hears from Malcolm that Thane of Cawdor willingly confessed and was executed -Macbeth/Banquo entourage show up and are praised by Duncan for their achievements, names Macbeth as Thane of Cawdor-Duncan announces Malcolm ascent to throne, Macbeth happy on outside furious on inside b/c this affects his path to become king–> goes to castle to discuss it w/ Lady Macbeth
Act 1, scene 5 *Lady Macbeth, Messenger, Macbeth-Lady Macbeth gets Macbeth’s letter and wants to temporarily become a man so she can perform the bloody deeds needed for Macbeth to become King, b/c she thinks her husband is too cowardly-A messenger tells them the King’s coming, Macbeth comes and he is convinced by Lady to kill Duncan in the middle of the night
Act 1, scene 6 *King, Lady Macbeth-King arrives to and is greeted by Lady Macbeth; they exchange ‘thank yous’-King asks to talk to Macbeth
Act 1, scene 7 *Hautboys, Macbeth, Lady Macbeth-Macbeth doesn’t think it’s a good idea to kill Duncan, unless he can get away w/few consequences-realizes there’s no reason to kill him, other than his own ambition-Lady Macbeth is furious he’s chickening out and calls him a coward that’s not manly; she tells him plan to make chamberlains drunk, stab duncan, smear blood, etc. -he finally agrees to proceed w/murder
Act 2, scene 1 *Banquo, Fleance, Macbeth-Macbeth meets Banquo/Fleance and Banquo tells Macbeth Duncan went to bed but he can’t sleep b/c he’s having creepy dreams-Mac sees vision of bloody dagger, which he decides is a vision of his murder of king-hears bell/queue from Lady, and proceeds to room
Act 2, scene 2 Macbeth, Lady Macbeth-Macbeth does the killing, Lady Macbeth worries he will fail-she yells at him from not leaving daggers, takes them back herself, they both wash blood from their hands
Act 2, scene 3 *Porter, Macduff, Lennox, Macbeth, Banquo, Malcolm, Donalbain-drunk porter receives knocks from gates, where Macduff and Lennox enter-Macduff asks to see King, who told him to come early that day-Macduff finds king dead and runs back horrified by the event, mad, Macbeth kills the chamberlains -Lady Mac faints at sight of scene-Malcolm and Donalbain decided to leave to prevent their destruction in near future (M-England & D-Ireland)
Act 2, scene 4 *Old man, Ross, Macduff-Ross and Old Man discuss the weird occurrences in the past couple days-Macduff getting suspicious of attacks; thinks it could be Malcolm and Donalbain who bribed the murderers, since they fled
Act 3, scene 1 *Banquo, Macbeth, Lady Macbeth, Attendant, Murderers-Banquo soliloquy: if all this is coming true for Mac, will it be true for me too? -Macbeth tells Banquo he wants him at the feast tonight, Banquo says “ok if I don’t become a borrower of the night”-Macbeth soliloquy: plots to kill Banquo and his son, “so I’ve done so much for Banquo and now this?”-Macbeth gets 2 murderers who are brainwashed into thinking their whole life sucks b/c of Banquo–they agree to do it
Act 3, scene 2 *Lady Macbeth, Macbeth-Lady Macbeth calls in Macbeth and they both talk about how they feel uneasy and discontented (emotional intersection of the play)-Macbeth tells Lady there’s a surprise tonight as to what will happen to Banquo, he helps her off stage
Act 3, scene 3 Ross, Murderers, Banquo, Fleance-Ross joins the band of murderers-Banquo and Fleance are coming from the darkness into the light-Banquo says it will rain and then they attack him-Banquo is killed and Fleance escapes
Act 3, scene 4 Macbeth, Lady Macbeth, Banquo’s Ghost, Others-Macbeth at feast and hears news from 1st murderer-he’s called to do the toast by Lady, and when he goes to sit down he sees the ghost of Banquo and freaks out-Lady tells everyone to calm down, that he’s just having a little fit-ghost vanishes and reappears-they argue “are you a man?”-Lady embarrassed and has everyone leave-notices Macduff isn’t there and gets suspiciousEMOTIONAL CLIMAX OF STORY
Act 3, scene 5 N/A
Act 3, scene 6 *Lennox, Lord-Lennox soliloquy: sarcastically, notice how kids will oil their fathers and flee? notice how Mac pitied them but they were dead?….-learn that Macduff has gone to England to tell Malcolm whats going on and wants to stir up people/King to send troops to Scotland to topple Macbeth
Act 4, scene 1 *Witches, Hecate, Macbeth, Apparitions, Lennox-Macbeth learns from the apparitions…1) beware Macduff, thane of Fife2)none born of women shall harm Macbeth, be bold3)Macbeth will never be conquered until Great Birnam Wood forest comes against Dunsinane Hill4)Shows ghosts of Banquo and line of kings he will foster-they vanish, and Lennox comes in, telling him Macduff went to England, so Macbeth decides to go attack Macduff’s Kingdom & family line
Act 4, scene 2 *Lady Mac, Ross, Son, Messenger, Murderer-Lady Macduff and Ross argue, unnatural, argues about father w/son-messenger warns them to go, but too late, murderers barge in and kill son while mom runs away
Act 4, scene 3 *Malcom, Macduff, Ross-In England, Macduff and Malcolm talk about their plans; Malcolm tests Macduff to make sure he’s not a traitor by making up all this stuff about how he’d be even worse than Macbeth-Macduff is welcomed by Malcolm’s agreement to attack Macbeth but unwelcome by the fact that Malcolm now knows some iffy stuff about him-Ross tells them what happened to Macduff’s family
Act 5, scene 1 *Lady Mac, Doctor, Gentlewoman-Lady is sleepwalking trying to get blood off of her hands-she confesses murders, and doctor/woman hear her
Act 5, scene 2 *Menteith, Angus, Caithness, Lennox-Macbeth’s men are abandoning him- everyone is escaping-Men meeting in Birnam Wood (3rd apparition)-Donaldbain will not be in attendance
Act 5, scene 3 *Macbeth, Servant, Seyton, Doctor
Act 5, scene 4 *Malcolm, Mentieth, Siward, Soldiers, Macduff
Act 5, scene 5

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