Macbeth Textbook Vocab

valor bravery
treasons betrayals of one’s country or oath of loyalty
imperial having supreme authority
surmise imaginings; speculation
sovereign supreme rule in power or authority
augment (v) to make larger, increase
palpable capable of being touched or felt
stealthy sly; done in a way so as not to be seen or observed; sneaky
multitudinous Existing in great numbers
equivocate to use expressions of double meaning in order to mislead
predominance superiority
indissoluble not able to be undone; incapable of being erased, destroyed or removed.
dauntless fearless; cannot be intimidated
predominant Most common or most noticeable; foremost; powerful
infirmity physical or mental defect;illness
malevolence ill will; spitefulness
pernicious (adj.) extremely harmful; deadly, fatal
judicious showing good judgment
sundry various; misc.
intemperance lack of restraint
avarice greed
credulous tending to believe too readily; gullible
perturbation disturbance
recoil to draw back in fear, surprise, or disgust
antidote remedy for a poison or evil
pristine original; unspoiled
clamorous noisy
harbingers forerunners; indicators; bringers of warnings
vulnerable exposed to attack or harm

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