What are the things that the witches tell Macbeth the second time 1.) beware McDuff 2.) None born of woman shall harm him 3.) Macbeth shall never vanquish until the forest moves
Lady and McDuff get murdered by…. MacBeth’s hired assistants
Malcolm meets MacDuff in London and expresses concern over his own courage and resolve
The murder of Lady MacDuff and her children is prompted by greed
When MacDuff asks about his family, Ross replies that “they were well at peace” when he last saw them. This statement is unwittingly true
When MacDuff finds abut about fan what is his reaction revenge. spurs determination to unseat Macbeth
Act Four who is Macbeth replying on witches predictions
The final act of MacBeth supplies much evidence that Lady Macbeth has become… mentally deranged
Unlike her husband, Lady Macbeth proves to be capable of fear or fright
Until the end of the story, Macbeth believes that the witches predictions will save his life
As he prepares for his final battle, Scene 3, Macbeth expresses his disappointment that old age will not bring him love, honor, and many friends
Young Siward dies with honor at Macbeth’s hands because he stands up to Macbeth and does not run
In the play’s opening act, Macbeth is constantly referred to as a brave solider; in the last act, he is referred to most often as a tyrant
Macbeth finally meets his death in what manner? in a fight with MacDuff
the play ends with the thanes acknowledging, as Scotland’s new and lawful king Malcolm
What hope does Banquo express in his speech Now that MacBeth is king, hopes he will rule well
How does Banquo plan to spend the time before the banquet? With whom? False Errand with Fleance
Name 3 things that MacBeth would rather face than the ghost of Banquo Bear, Rhino, Tiger
Macbeth is disturbed by the absence of whom at the feast? Banquo
1st Apparition armed head saying “Beware of MacDuff”
2nd Apparition bloody child saying “No one born of a woman will harm MacBeth”
3rd Apparition child with a crown and a tree branch saying “no one will harm unless the forest moves”
1st Prophecy Beware MacDuff
How does “Beware MacDuff” pan out MacDuff kills him
“No one born of a woman shall hurt you” MacDuff was a C-Section so he wasn’t technically “born”
No one shall harm MacBeth until Bernim wood becomes Denison They use trees as camouflage and walk over to fight.
three characteristics of a tragic hero 1.) starts out on a high note 2.) spiraling down wards 3.) tragic flaw
in the beginning of the battle, who was winning? the rebel army, Norway
When Macbeth cuts his way through the rebel army, he killed The King of Norway, the rebel leader
Who turned against Scotland to help Norway The thane of cawdor
Banquo wasn’t sure if the witches were woman because they had beards
The witches told Macbeth that one day he would be the king of Scotland
How did Macbeth feel about that the withes said would happen? He seemed afraid
The witches told Banquo that one day he would be the father of kings
Macbeth became the Thane of Glamis because his father died
another name for this story could be “The Promises of Witches”
This story is mainly about three witches telling what will happen to Macbeth and Banquo
To thank Macbeth for success in battle, King Duncan made Macbeth The Thane of Cawder
The old Thane of Cawdor was being punished because he tried to Betray King Duncan
After Macbeth becomes the thane of Cawdor, he imagines killing King Duncan
The old thane of cawdor was punished by being killed
Duncan was crying because he had chosen Malcolm to become the next king
After hearing the news that Malcolm would become king, Macbeth was disappointed
Who else knows about the witches Lady Macbeth

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