MacBeth Test Review

What 3 messages did Macbeth receive from the three apparitions? 1: man w/helmet: beware/warning MacDuff is on his way to declare war on MacBeth 2: bloody child: tells MacBeth he should not fear any man born from a woman 3: child w/ a crown & tree – tells MacBeth he should not be afraid until Birnham woods come to Dunsinae * sees mirror with 8 kings: all descendants of Banquo
What happen to Lady Macduff and her children in Act 4 of MacBeth ? Lady Macduff and her children are murdered
Paraphrase the last three lines of Macduff from Act 4 Scene 3 . But gentle heavens, Don’t keep me waiting. Bring me face to face with Macbeth, that devil of Scotland. Put him within the reach of my sword, and if he escapes, may heaven forgive him as well!
What was the consequence of:1. MacBeth’s second visit to the witches?2. Malcolm’s test of MacDuff 3. MacDuff’s family being murdered 1. MacBeth gained a sense of false confidence and slight fear. Because of this, he did not prepare precisely enough for the battle with MacDuff and therefore lost and was killed. 2. Malcolm agrees to help MacDuff form an army and overthrow MacBeth 3. MacDuff declares revenge against MacBeth and ends up assassinating/beheading him.
What is MacBeth’s reaction when he encounters the 3 apparitions ? What does MacBeth’s reaction reveal about how he has changed ? MacBeth gains confidence. His reaction reveals that he is fearful of losing the crown and that he is determined to keep the crown above his head therefore when he is “reassured ” that he does not have to worry he becomes at ease and feels confident.
What does the message of each apparition foreshadow? Apparition 1 : MacDuff is coming for MacBeth Apparition 2: MacBeth will be defeated by someone who is not born from a woman ( Macduff) Apparition 3: MacBeth will be defeated at the war with Malcom & MacDuff and the others
What effect does the rhyme & rhythm of the witches’ incantation have on the audience? It makes the audience pay attention to the words and helps them remember the words of the witches. It gives the audience an uneasy feeling and helps them infer that something bad is coming in the near future
Compare the characters of Lady MacBeth & Macduff. How they similar? Different? Lady Macduff and Lady McBeth both have uncertainty in their husbands. They both do not believe in the loyalty or strength of their husbands. Both L.B & L.D are killed because of the departure of their husbands. Lady Macduff was killed out of circumstance while Lady MacBeth was killed because of her actions and the guilt that resulted from those actions. Lady Macduff is not controlling while Lady MacBeth controls & manipulates her husband. Lady Macduff accepts her lifestyle and is not greedy for power. Lady Macbeth is unsatisfied and is greedy for power.Lady MacBeth & Lady Macduff are foils from one another. L.B is proactive while L.D is passive
Why might the nature and manner of MacBeth’s crimes led Macduff to believe that his family is safe at his castle ? Macbeth is hesitant in making decisions in a criminal act and he always ask for the assistance of others to conduct the crimes
What happened to Lady MacBeth in Act 5? Why does MacBeth have to face his enemies alone ? Lady MacBeth dies in Act 5 due to suicide ( fell from house). MacBeth must face his enemies alone because all of his subjects have lost every bit of trust and respect for him, leading everyone to turn against him; except for his servant Seyton. The ones that do fight for him do not do the actions from the loyalty of their heart but only because they must follow orders. Everyone finds him to be corrupt and filled with conspiracy , he killed his wife and trusted friend Banquo.
How do the 3 apparitions predictions in Act 4 come true ? Message 1 : MacDuff assassinates MacBethMessage 2: MacDuff happens to be the man to kill MacBeth and he happened to be born from a C-section and not through live, natural birth. Message 3: Malcolm comes up with the strategy to hide behind Birnham wood trees in order for his army to advance onto Dunsinae and destroy MacBeth
Compare scene 1 ( Lady MacBeth’s madness ) to Act 3 scene 4 ( MacBeth sees Banquo’s guest ). What is ironic about Lady MacBeth’s behavior in the 2 scenes ? Both are scenes of hallucination amongst Lady MacBeth and MacBeth. Reveals what she is trying to hide
Define situational irony The exact opposite of what is meant to happen, happens.Plot Twist !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
How have MacBeth and Lady MacBeth changed during the course of the play. MacBeth changed from a character of an unselfish, loyal subject to the King and courageous soldier who was hesitant in making decsions to a man who became corrupted by the witches & his wife to be filled with greed and power. His fear of ever losing his newly gained power caused him to be driven by his own desires and to be proactive in acting on his own decisions. Lady MacBeth changed from a greedy & selfish woman who desired power, to a woman filled with fear and guilt who finally became overwhelmed and turned suicidal.
Analyze the soliloquy in Scene 5 of Act 5. What metaphors are evident in these lines? What does Shakespeare compare life to ? What does this scene suggest about MacBeth’s mental state ? Metaphor: Life’s but a walking shadow, a poor playerThat struts and frets his hour upon the stageAnd then is heard no more. It is a taleTold by an idiot, full of sound and fury,Signifying nothing. Shakespeare compares life to an illusion, a shy& poor actor who worries so much about his time on stage and is never heard from again, a story told by an idiot; full of noise and emotional disturbance but without meaning. MacBeth is in a mental state of disbelief and depression
To what extent is MacBeth redeemed in Act 5 ? In what ways could MacBeth be compared to a tragic hero ? MacBeth is fated by a supernatural force ( witches ) to doom and destruction and great suffering. MacBeth struggles against this fate but because he cannot accept a diminished view of himself and because of his personality flaw of hesitance, fear, and mental weakness MacBeth fails in this epic struggle against the fate.
Define theme a main idea or an underlying meaning of a literary work that may be stated directly or indirectly
Find details that explain the message MacBeth conveys about the following issues: – appearance vs. reality- loyalty – impulse & desires Appearance vs. reality : – Lady MacBeth & MacBeth give Duncan a warm invite into their home but underneath they intend to murder him ( “look like the innocent flower but be the serpent under it” ) – Lady MacBeth seems as if she has no guilt about taking part in the murder of Duncan but the sleepwalking scene and her suicide shows that deep down inside she was weak and that guiltiness was controlling her emotions & actions Loyalty: – Seyton remains loyal to MacBeth even though everyone turns against him – MacDuff remains loyal to his country/ true king ( Malcolm ) by fighting to redeem his beloved country to where it belongs & helping in returning the throne to its rightful owner – Loyalty between kings and their warriors. The king pledged to take care of the warriors and their families in return for the warrior’s pledge to protect and fight to the death if necessary for the king. ( Duncan asks for news of battle/check on his warriors, MacBeth & Banquo ) Impulse & Desires: – MacBeth acts of murder is an impulse of his controlling desire to forever retain the throne – MacBeth kills the guards out of anger when the murder of Duncan is discovered
Who said the following quote: ” What is it she does now? Look how she rubs her hands.” Doctor
Who said the following quote: ” A coward and a tyrant. “ MacDuff
Who said the following quote: ” And all our yesterdays have lighted fools the way to dusty death. “ MacBeth
Who said the following quote: ” I have almost forgot the taste of fears. “ MacBeth
Who said the following quote: ” Come, you spirits that I tend on mortal thoughts, unsex me here.” Lady MacBeth
Who said the following quote: ” Is this a dagger which I see before me, the handle toward my hand ? “ MacBeth
Who said the following quote: ” A little water clears us of this deed…” Lady MacBeth
Who said the following quote: ” All the perfumes of Arabia will not sweeten this little hand.” Lady MacBeth
Who said the following quote: ” Double, double, toil and trouble fire burn and cauldron bubble.” The weird sisters/the three witches
Who said the following quote: ” O full of scorpions is my mind dear wife.” MacBeth
Who said the following quote: ” Out, damned spot! Out, I say ! “ Lady MacBeth
Who said the following quote:” MacDuff is missing and your noble son !” Malcolm
Who said the following quote: ” Faith, sir, we are carousing till the second clock. “ the porter
Who said the following quote: ” Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow….” MacBeth
Who said the following quote: ” The milk of human kindness.” Lady MacBeth
Who said the following quote: ” Blood will have blood. “ MacBeth

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