Macbeth test

Fear not, till Birnam wood do come to Dunsinane Witches
The primrose way to the everlasting bonfire Porter
Bring forth men children only Macbeth
Out damned spot, out I say Lady Macbeth
All my pretty chickens and their dam Macduff
Screw your courage to the sticking place Lady Macbeth
There’s daggers in men’s smiles Donalbain
To the last syllable of recorded time Macbeth
The attempt and not the deed confounds us Lady Macbeth
I have supped full with horrors Macbeth
Vaulting ambition, which o’erleaps itself Macbeth
Too full of the milk of human kindness Lady Macbeth
Will all great Neptune’s ocean wash this blood clean from my hand? Macbeth
Double double toil and trouble Three witches
Fie! A soldier, and afeard? Lady Macbeth
Amen stuck in my throat Macbeth
What was Abraham Lincoln’s favorite play? Macbeth
What two things did Lincoln love? The theater and quoting from Macbeth
What are two reasons Lincoln loved Macbeth? 1. Macbeth had ambition, and so did Lincoln 2. Guilt (related to him for moral burden from war since he led it)
When did Lincoln re-read Macbeth? Near the end of the war
What type of education did Lincoln have? No formal education, self taught
What is the result of war on Lincoln? Doesn’t sleep well, ages because of guilt
Who was an actor in Shakespeare plays? John Wilkes-Booth
What does “sic semper tyranus” mean? Thus be to tyrants
Who said the quote “sic semper tyranus”? Julius Caesar
What did John Wilkes-Booth say after he shot Lincoln, and why? “sic semper tyranus” , because he saw Lincoln as a tyrant as Julius Caesar was in Shakespeare’s plays
When was William Shakespeare born? April 23rd, 1564
Where was Shakespeare born? Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire.
What child was Shakespeare? 3rd of 8 children
Where and when was Shakespeare baptized? April 26th, 1564 at Trinity church
Who were Shakespeare’s parents? John and Mary Shakespeare (Catholics)
What was John Shakespeare’s job? Prosperous wool/leather/glove merchant whose finances declined by 1590
Where was William educated? At the local grammar school, he didn’t go to a university
Where did William work? In or near stratford-father’s business, law clerk, tutor, soldier, valet (horse holder)
When did William marry Ann Hathaway? November 1582
How old was William and Ann when they got married? William was 18, Ann was 26
How many children did William and Ann have? 3 children: Susanna (born May 1583) and the twins Judith and hamlet (born 1585)
When did Hamnet, one of Shakespeare’s children, die? 1596
What period of Shakespeare’s life is known as “the lost years”? 1585-1592
When was Will known in London as an actor and playwright? 1592, maybe becoming a member of a traveling company of actors who stopped in Stratford
Why did William leave his home and family? Unknown, but in this time it meant trouble (some say poaching)
When was the first theater built and where? London in 1576
Most likely, what kind of writer was Shakespeare? A freelance writer
When were the theaters closed and why? 1592 to 1594 because of bubonic plague
What did actors do during the plague? They went on the road to smaller cities or spent time writing poetry and plays for when the plague passed
When did Will become a member of The Lord chamberlain’s men acting company? 1594
What name was The Lord chamberlain’s Men changed to in 1603, and why? changed to The king’s men, because James I became king and patron
When did Shakespeare and fellow actors/investors build the globe theater? 1598
What shape was the globe theater? Circular, Shakespeare called it “this wooden O”
What was the traditional shape of the globe theater? Rectangular shape
Was William partners in other theaters? Yes
What three types of plays did Shakespeare write? History plays, comedies/romances, and tragedies
Were the stages of this time elaborate? No
What were the costumes of Shakespeare’s time made of? Velvet, silk, silver, gold, and lace; tailors were on call for productions
Who were Shakespeare’s plays popular with? Queen Elizabeth I and her successor James I
How many plays did Shakespeare write? 37, two long poems and many sonnets
Around 1610, where did Shakespeare retire to? He retired to Stratford as a wealthy, successful and respected man
When did Shakespeare die? April 23rd, 1616 (his birthday)
Where is Shakespeare buried? Trinity church, Stratford (the same church he was baptized in)
Who did Shakespeare leave almost all of his estate to when he died? His daughters, their husbands and children
What did Shakespeare’s wife receive when he died? Only the second best bed in the house
Where is the memorial dedicated to Shakespeare? Poet’s corner, Westminster Abby
When is the feast day of Saint George, the patron saint of England? April 23rd
Catherine of Aragon Divorced
Who did Henry VIII’s daughter Mary marry? King Phillip II of Spain
Anne Boleyn Beheaded
Jane Seymour Died in childbirth
Ann of Cleaves Fourth wife, German Protestant, divorced
Katherine Howard Fifth wife, English Protestant, beheaded
Catherine Parr Sixth wife, English Protestant, survived
Where did Shakespeare get the story of Macbeth? Chronicles of Holinshed by Raphael Holinshed (before 1580)
What does the chronicles of Holinshed describe? The history of England, Scotland, and Ireland and the reigns of King Duncan and Macbeth
Where does Shakespeare get the idea of Macbeth and the three witches? Two earlier chronicles by other authors
What was James I very interested in? Witchcraft
What changes did Shakespeare make to the real story of Macbeth? He glorifies Banquo and invents Fleance which is an important part of the Stuart political myth
How did one become a king in medieval Scotland? Tanistry; the Celtic system of succession of kings
Who could a King be succeeded by? Any male member of the royal family group of 4 generations
When could a successor be named? During the predecessor’s lifetime, leading to successors killing off their predecessors
In the real story, when did Macbeth kill King Duncan? In a civil war during battle on August 14th, 1040 A.D
What was Duncan’s reign like? Short and unhappy
What were the dates of King Duncan’s reign? 1034-1040
Who did banquo side with? Macbeth
What word is used to refer to banquo in historical data because of Shakespeare’s distortion of him in the play? Mythic
When did Macbeth win a victory over a rebel army near Birman wood? 1045
Who went into exile after his fathers death? Malcolm, Duncan’s oldest son
When did the earl of siward unsuccessfully attempt to dethrone Macbeth in favor of malcolm? 1046
Where did Macbeth go on a pilgrimage to in 1050? Rome
What did Siward force Macbeth to do in 1054? Give up part of the southern part of his kingdom to Malcolm
When was Macbeth killed in a battle, and by who? August 15th, 1057, led by siward and Malcolm with assistance from the English King
Where was Macbeth buried? On the island of Iona where only the lawful kings of Scotland I’m the Middle Ages were buried
Where had Duncan been buried? On the island of Iona as well as Macbeth
What kind of monarch was Macbeth, and how long did eh reign? A wise one who ruled Scotland for 17 years
Did Macbeth have children? No
Who followed Macbeth to the throne? His step son Lulach
Who was Lulach killed by? Malcolm’s followers and Malcolm became king of all Scotland
Was lady Macbeth ever mentioned to be a fiend like queen? No
Lady Macbeth was a member of what? The royal family linage
When Macbeth claimed the throne after Duncan’s death, who’s name did eh claim it in? Both of their names
When did Malcolm rule Scotland? 1058-1093 or 35 years
In 1093, where did Malcolm and his army invade? England, and Malcolm was killed
What happened after Malcolm and his army invaded England? The border between Scotland and England was maintained for the time being
Who became the King of Scotland after Malcolm died? Donald Bain, Malcolm’s younger brother
What did Shakespeare take great liberties with? The truth, to give James I of England a proper pedigree. While he had a royal lineage, Shakespeare takes it back to 11th century and tweaks the story to make James’ ancestry look more honorable than it was
Fair is foul and foul is fair Witches
So fair a day I have not seen Macbeth
Out, out, brief candle Macbeth

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