Macbeth test

Why are the witches important in act one they foreshadow later events, they represent evil, they will lead Macbeth to his downfall
why is Duncan so grateful to Macbeth he killed Macdonwald
what is Macbeth’s tragic flaw blind-ambition
in act one what does Macbeth think of killing Duncan he would never do it
where does Duncan go to spend the night Macbeth’s castle
What might Banquo represent for Macbeth because he was the last conversation he had before killing Duncan a last chance for Macbeth to change his mind
why does Lady Macbeth drug the servants so she can frame them and there are no witnesses
what does it mean when Macbeth says he will sleep no more He is going to have a guilty conscience
what does Macbeth mean when he says that his hands could redden a sea he will never get rid of the guilt
at the end of Act 3 why does Macbeth plan to visit the witches he wants to learn more of their prophecies
why does everyone think that Duncan sons killed him they fled the country
why is it good news that Banquo won’t return until dark Macbeth wants to kill him
how has Macbeth changed from act one to act 3 he did not want to murder in the beginning now he is more willing to kill
all the events in act 4 serve a purpose. what is it you know that the tragedy will end with Macbeth’s death
why did Macbeth act so strange at the banquet he thought he saw banquo’s ghost
how does Macbeth convince the murders to kill banquo he tells them that he is to blame for their suffering
what new threat is introduced at the end of act 3 Macduff
at the start of act 4, a witch says “something wicked this way comes” as Macbeth approaches, what does this mean they are calling Macbeth wicked
there are 3 prophecies in act 4. name them Macbeth won’t be defeated until Birnam wood moves, he won’t be killed by anyone born of woman, beware Macduff
what plan do Macduf and Malcolm make in the end of act 4 launch an attack against Macbeth
why did Macduff go to England in the first place he went to talk to malcolm
what does lady macbeth’s sleepwalking symbolize her guilt
what does the doctor mean when he says to take away any sharp objects he does not want lady macbeth to kill herself
what does malcolm order his soldiers to do cut down the trees to hide their numbers
when does Macbeth first realize he has been tricked by the witches when the wood begins to move
how does Macbeth’s courage at the end of the play affect the reader you realize there is still some human dignity left
what is the spot lady macbeth is obsessed with the blood spot on her hand from duncans blood
when macbeth says he can no longer feel pain or horror what does he mean killing is second nature to him-he does not feel bad at all
who kills macbeth macduff
who is the goddess of witchcraft hecate
how does lady Macbeth die suicide
who does Duncan name his successor malcolm
who leads Scotland after duncans death macbeth
after his victory in act one what is Macbeth title thane of cawdor
macbeth sees somebody at the banquet who is it banquo
what is macbeth’s first hallucination dagger
who was not born of woman macduff
what term means the downfall of a character catastrophe
what cursed thoughts does Banquo have? cursed thoughts about the witches
what lie does Macbeth tell banquo he says he hasn’t thought about the witches
what causes macbeth to thin khe sees a dagger his cursed thoughts, or his conscience, are causing him to see this
at the end of scene 1, a bell rings. What do you think is the significance of this? The bell signifies the time that Duncan died
What omen of death does Lady Macbeth hear? Lady Macbeth heard the owl scream and the cricket cry
Why does Lady Macbeth say she didn’t commit the murder herself? She said Duncan looked too much like her father.
What words about himself does Macbeth believe he hears? He thought he heard a voice say sleep no more! Macbeth has murdered sleep!
How did Macbeth mismanage the murder? Macbeth brought the daggers with him and did not leave them with the servants.
Both Macbeth and his lady comment upon the effectiveness of water in cleansing away their involvement in the deed. How do they differ? Macbeth thinks there is not enough water to ever wash the blood away, while his lady thinks they can just wash this away.
Why has Macduff come to Macbeth’s castle? To get Duncan and wake him up
What unusual things happened to Macduff and Lennox during the night? They heard noises and screams. Some say there were earthquakes and an owl screeched all night
Who discovers the murder? Macduff
Why does Macbeth kill the king’s men? He said he could not allow the men that killed the king to live anymore.
Why might Lady Macbeth pretend to faint? She realized Macbeth was getting nervous and did not want him to accidently tell about the murder.
In lines 128-139, what actions do Malcolm and Donalbain take? Malcolm and Donalbain decide to leave. Malcolm goes to England and Donalbain goes to Ireland
18. How does popular opinion account for the murder? Malcolm and Donalbain: they ran away so people think it was them
19. Who has been named king? Macbeth
20. Why does Macduff not plan to attend Macbeth’s coronation? Macduff does not trust Macbeth. He thinks something is up, so he goes home to Fife
14. What further reward does Macbeth hope to receive from Duncan? Macbeth hopes to be next in line for the crown
15. In lines 35-39, who is named to succeed Duncan to the throne? His eldest son, Malcolm, who is Prince of Cumberland
16. In lines 48-53, how does Macbeth react to the announcement? He tells Duncan that he’s not happy unless he works for him but thinks that he needs to kill Malcolm to be in line for the crown.
17. Where is Duncan to spend the night? Macbeth’s castle in Inverness
18. What does the nature of the letter reveal about Macbeth’s relationship with his wife? Macbeth thinks of his wife as his equal, his partner in greatness
19. In lines 13-22, how does Lady Macbeth characterize her husband? She thinks that he doesn’t have what it takes to kill Duncan on the spot because he’s too kindhearted but doesn’t lack ambition.
21. In lines 59-63, what warning does she give Macbeth? She wants him to act normal and not be suspicious
What action takes place in Scene 6? Duncan and Banquo arrive at the manor. They meet Lady Macbeth and they go to find Macbeth.
23. How does Lady Macbeth greet Duncan? She says that she is his servant and is happy he is there. She pretends everything is normal and is fake with him.
24. In his soliloquy in lines 1-28, what reasons does Macbeth give for not wanting to kill Duncan? Guilt, consequences, people love him, he is host and kinsmen
26. In lines 36-39, what does Lady Macbeth imply about Macbeth’s love for her? She had more love for him when he was a man
27. What finally causes Macbeth to decide to commit murder? His wife guarantees to him that they won’t get caught because everyone will think it was the servants. She also says that if she made a promise, she wpuld keep it, and if he makes this promise he has to keep it.
What suspicions does Banquo voice? What does he say that lets us know what he suspects? Banquo is suspicious that Macbeth did something to become king. He says” I am afraid
Who besides Banquo knows of the witches’ prophecies? Macbeth and Lady Macbeth
Why does Macbeth question Banquo about his plans? He wants to know where Banquo and his son will be so he can tell the murderers
In lines 49-72, what suspicions does Macbeth harbor? He is afraid that Banquo will do something so that his sons can become kings
What does Macbeth tell the murderers about Banquo Macbeth tells them Banquo treated them badly. He says Banquo has become a tyrant and they should not forgive him. He also says it is Banquo’s fault they are poor
According to Macbeth, why does he himself not kill Banquo? (lines 116-126). Banquo and he have the same friends and he wants to be able to cry with them at the funeral
Who else are the murderers to kill? The murders should kill Fleance too
What is the meaning of Lady Macbeth’s saying, “Naught’s had, all’s spent,/Where our desire is got without content”? Lady Macbeth means we got the crown, we have everything, but we are not happy
In lines 13-22, what affliction does Macbeth suffer Macbeth is haunted by nightmares; he sees things, isn’t sleeping and is going crazy
In line 35, Lady Macbeth says, “You must leave this.” What does she mean? She means Banquo is not a threat so Macbeth should not kill him
Is Lady Macbeth aware that Macbeth has planned the death of Banquo and Fleance? She is not aware
How is the planning of Banquo’s murder different from that of Duncan’s? Macbeth pushes the murder; he has taken over the role
Who is murdered in act 3 scene 3? Banquo
who escapes in act 3 scene 3 fleance
What is Banquo’s dying request to Fleance? To get revenge
What activity opens act 3 scene 4? The banquet for Macbeth
Who joins the assembled group, sitting in Macbeth’s place? Banquo’s ghost
How does Lady Macbeth explain Macbeth’s reaction? She says he has always been crazy
What is Lady Macbeth’s reaction to Macbeth’s claim of seeing Banquo’s ghost? She tells him to let it go; he has to pull himself together
To what other event in the play is this ghostly appearance similar? It is just like the dagger he used to kill Duncan
Why does Lady Macbeth ask everyone to leave? Her husband is going crazy
Who refused the banquet invitation? Macduff
What is Macbeth’s plan for the next day? He is going to meet the witches
To what does Macbeth attribute his condition? (lines 142-143)
What does Hecate plan to do?
What is implied in Lennox’s speech at the opening of the scene?
Where has Macduff gone?
What does he hope to do?
What does each of the three apparitions say to Macbeth? The first apparition says: Beware of Macduff, The second says: No person born of woman can harm you, The third one says: Until woods of Great Birnham move to Dusinance Hall, you are fine/ you will remain king
Why do the witches show Macbeth the eight kings They show him the Kings because they are Banquo’s children and the prophecy of them becoming Kings will come true
What does Macbeth order to be done when he hears that Macduff has fled to England? He orders Macduff’s wife and son be killed
How would you describe Macbeth now, as compared to his earlier ambivalence? Macbeth does not think twice about things now. Before, his wife planned the murders and Macbeth carried it out with regret. Now, Macbeth is ordering people to kill others, and has no regrets.
What has Ross just told Lady Macduff Ross told Lady Macduff that Macduff went to England
How does Lady Macduff react to this news? Lady Macduff says he is a traitor to the family
A messenger enters, what does the messenger tell Lady Macduff to do? He tells Lady Macduff to leave quickly with her son
Who is killed in act 4 scene 2? Lady Macduff and her son, as well as the soldiers and guards
Why are the murders even more terrible than those previously committed Lady Macduff and the son were innocent
Why is Macduff’s speech at the start of the scene ironic? He is talking about widows howling; he does not know his family is dead
Why doesn’t Malcolm trust Macduff? Malcolm knows Macduff was friends with Macbeth
In lines 25-28, what does Malcolm ask Macduff? “How come you left your wife and kids?” Malcolm thinks he has a secret bond with Macbeth cause he wasn’t worried about his family
What forces has Malcolm promised England’s troops
Summarize Malcolm’s confession to Macduff in lines 57-100. Lustful, too greedy; “I would be a much worse king than Macbeth”
Why does Malcolm say these things to Macduff? To test his will; to see if he can trust him
In lines 114-137, what does Malcolm tell Macduff? Malcolm tells him he was just kidding about everything he said, it was just a test for trust
In lines 164-173, what news about the condition of Scotland does Ross bring? Ross says it is only getting worse and worse; the bells are constantly ringing no one even asks who has died
What personal information does Ross bring to Macduff? Ross tells Macduff his family has been killed
In lines 228-229, what does Malcolm tell Macduff to do? He tells him to take it like a man
What does her sleepwalking reveal about Lady Macbeth’s conscience? She still feels guilt and it is haunting her
How is her hand-washing symbolic? The guilt is not going away
Where are the noblemen to meet Malcolm? Birnham Wood
What is reported about Macbeth He fortifies his castle
Why does Macbeth claim to feel no fear? The witches’ prophecies give him confidence and security
In lines 19-29, how does Macbeth indicate what he really feels? He recognizes he is either going to die today, or he is going to live a long life. Even if he lives a long life, he will not be happy. There is nothing to hope for, but he refuses to commit suicide
Where does this act 5 scene 4 take place? Birnham Wood
What are Malcolm’s instructions to his soldiers? Why does he have them do this? He tells them to cut down the trees to disguise their numbers; that way, when people are looking, they won’t see how many men are coming
According to Malcolm, what is the quality of Macbeth’s troops? They only fight because they are told, but don’t actually want to defend Macbeth; obedience, not allegiance
What news does Seyton give Macbeth? Lady Macbeth is dead
What lines 24-28 as spoken by Macbeth mean? Life is meaningless; death is also meaningless
Of what does the messenger inform Macbeth? Birnham Wood is moving
What is accomplished in this scene? They are launching the attack against Macbeth’s castle
How does Macbeth feel in act 5 scene 7 lines 1-4? He feels like he is a trapped animal, he knows there are a lot of people there; he is looking for the one who can kill him
What has happened to some of Macbeth’s men? Macbeth’s men escaped; they abandoned the castle and desert their king
What does Macduff tell Macbeth about this birth Macduff tells him his mother had a C-section
Who will be King of Scotland? malcolm
What was the character flaw that resulted in Macbeth’s downfall Blind ambition; he knows what he wants; he is willing to hear just the good; he does not think about but just goes for what he wants
As Macbeth becomes increasingly obsessed with protecting his position, he also becomes more and more isolated and alienated. How is that demonstrated in his relationship with his wife? Macbeth becomes unconcerned and does not really help her; they both die alone
hat characters are introduced in Scene 1? The 1st, 2nd, and 3rd witches are introduced
How would you interpret the line” Fair is foul, and foul is fair”? It could mean that good is bad and bad is good
What specific plan is mentioned? The witches plan to go meet Macbeth after the war
What three men are leading troops into battle against Duncan? Macdonwald, King of Norway, and Thane of Cawdor
Who defeated and killed Macdonwald? Macbeth and his army defeated and killed Macdonwald
What is to be the Thane of Cawdor’s punishment for his traitorous activities? He shall be executed
Who will receive his title? Macbeth
What revenge does the witch plan for the sailor’s whose wife wouldn’t share her chestnuts? She plans to make the husband wander for 81 weeks and he will eventually die
What does the conversation indicate about the witches’ power? The witches are more powerful together
What predictions do the witches make for Macbeth The witches predict he will be the Thane of Cawdor and the king
Why does Macbeth react the way he does to the witches’ predictions? Macbeth is surprised and cannot believe what the witches are saying, but he wants to know more
What prediction do the witches make for Banquo? They say Banquo will eventually be happier and greater than Macbeth and the descendants will be great
In lines 132-141, what is the “horrid image” of which Macbeth speaks Macbeth speaks of killing King Duncan
Lady Macbeth Is – Sleepwalking – Haunted by her guilt- She is speaking aloud about the murder of Duncan; she talks about the blood of Duncan still on her hands, but there is no blood, it is just guilt – She mentions Banquo being gone and he cannot come back- “Thane of Fief had a wife”- She is speaking of the past; the past murders
Macbeth – Macbeth is defending his castle the best he can- People say he is crazy, others say he has a right to be angry- They realize he is not in control of his problems
English troops and Scottish rebels – They speak of Macbeth – They realize he is not in control of his problems- They are marching towards Birnam
Macbeth and his servants/troops: – A soldier informs Macbeth of the soldiers, but Macbeth just yells and does not listen
Macbeth and his Thanes: – He wants the doctor to find a cure for the sick country – Macbeth prepares for battle to take out the English
Macbeth and Lady Macbeth: – Both Macbeth and Lady Macbeth are becoming ill and crazy.
Treatment of Underlings: – Macbeth yells at his underlings
Response to Opposition Macbeth becomes angry that the English want to fight. He wants to defeat all of them
Speak with: I do not think Macbeth is fully confident. He wants to seem like he is because he is the King, but he may feel worried about what will happen to his power
Macbeth’s Quotes- he recognizes the bad of the witches/ the evil; devilish in actions Equivocation of the fiend”- realizes loopholes “Let thus pernicious hour stand accursed on the calendar””Damned be all that trust them [witches]”
Catastrophe tragedy of the soul- central focus
Macbeth beset by troubles-> desperate to fight fate Lonely, hopeless, miserable, Desperate for witches prophecy, Loses all support and comfort

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