Macbeth Test

what is the main theme of act one of the tragedy of Macbeth? Betrayal
Why are the witches important? Foreshadowing
Why is King Duncan so grateful to Macbeth? Macbeth saved King Duncan’s kingdom from rebels and the Norwegian king
What is Macbeth’s character flaw? Ambitious
What do you know about King Duncan? He values bravery and loyalty
What does Macbeth think about killing King Duncan? He is not sure if it is the right thing to do
Where does King Duncan come to spend the night? Macbeth’s castle
Why does Lady MacBeth think MacBeth has little chance of becoming king? He is not ruthless enough
In what country does Macbeth take place? Scotland
Who is with MacBeth when the witches give him the prophecy? Banquo
which was true for those who watched a play at the Globe Theatre during Shakespeare’s day? The play was performed during the day.
Which of the following is not true about drama during the Jacobean period? This period lasted from 1558-1603
What do stage directions give the reader? Information about what is taking place on the stage
What my modern view were fine strange about the actor playing the role of Lady MacBeth in the play Macbeth? Lady MacBeth is played by a man
List one natural reason for the closure of London’s theaters? Outbreak of the plague
Distinguish between monologue, soliloquy, and an aside Monologue is when a character speaks aloud, directly addresses the audience or another character. Soliloquy is one of characters speaks his/her inner thoughts on stage to the audience. An aside is one character turns to the audience and comments on the situation that is happening; it could be for humorous effect.
What was the name of William Shakespeare’s theater? The Globe theater
Why is Banquo awake so late at night and scene one? His restless thoughts keep him awake.
What does Lady MacBeth say stop her from killing Duncan? Duncan reminds her of her father.
MacBeth most likely brings the bloody daggers to Lady McBeth because he Feels distressed and shocked at his actions.
In scene three, Macduff refuses to tell Lady Macbeth what has happened because he Believes that she will die of shock and grief
When Banquo says he will oppose and fight the unknown traitor who killed Duncan and seen three, he becomes one of the tragedy’s Antagonists
What do Malcolm and Donalbain decid to do almost immediately after learning of Duncan’s murder? Runaway to protect themselves
What is another name for Blank verse? Unrhymed iambic pentameter
What is one thing that Macbeth forgets to do after killing Duncan? He forgets to leave the daggers near the guards to frame them for doing the murder.
What is the main purpose of act three of the tragedy of Macbeth? To show how Mabeth’s troubles are growing
In what way does Macbeth see Fleance as an antagonist? Fleance will grow up into a dangerous enemy
Why does Macbeth worry in Scene 1 that he has killed Duncan more for Banquo’s sake than for his own? Macbeth lacks children to follow him as king and Banquo has children
What reason and seen one does mac Beth give the murderers to kill Banquo? Banquo has oppressed the murderers families.
How did Macbeth convince the two murders to kill Banquo? He guaranteed them that they would not be punished for the murder.
The ghost at dinner in scene 4 causes MacBeth to Become agitated and upset
Why does McBeth begin to act so oddly at the banquet? He sees the ghost of Banquo
Why does McBeth say in scene four that Banquo’s murder is different from murders in past times? Banquo is the only murdered man to return to sit among the living
What assumption about Lady McBeth does Macbeth reveal in his speech? Banquo’s ghost is visible to her
When McBeth says to Lady McBeth in scene four “we are still just beginners when it comes to crime” he means that they are New to the ways of crime
Why do lady macbeth and lady macbeth say that they envy Duncan? Duncan is dead in there for free from the pain and troubles of life
Lennox and the Lord reveal in their discussion in scene six that Some people are suspicious of MacBeth’s actions
How has mat the best changed between the beginning of act one and the end of act three? He no longer hesitates to use treachery to achieve his ends
At the end of act three, Mac Beth plans to visit the witches once more. What does he want to learn? What troubles are still in store for him

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